‘I’m A Survivor. I WILL Be Ready’ – The Well Armed Woman’s Survival Stories

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Scottsdale, Arizona –  I lived just on the edge of downtown Fort Worth Texas. I was the manager of 3 apartment houses and lived in one of them.

One of my tenants from another house had a visitor that had been released on parole just 2 1/2 weeks earlier. He decided to get high, drunk or a combination of both and decided not to go to work that night and asked if my fiancé would work for him. Jack, always willing to work for extra cash agreed.

That night, while Jack was gone, he knocked on the door. He told me that my tenant, Robert was talking about committing suicide and would only talk to me. I liked Robert as he was a good guy so I unlocked the 6 locks on the door. The parolee (Felix) shoved the door open violently. I had a recent back injury so my strength wasn’t what I would have hoped for but I pressed my back against the wall for[amazon asin=B001XZZA6A&template=*lrc ad (left)] support and shoved the door closed. I managed to get 4 of the locks relocked when he kicked the door in breaking the frame of the door and a few of the locks. (the locks that didn’t break were still locked and attached to both the door and the broken frame).

He had a large piece of broken glass that he used as a weapon against me. The rest is too difficult to write.

I didn’t own a gun as we didn’t think anything like this would happen. I was 23… I was clueless about the chances of something bad like that happening. Even after this happened, it was still several years before I got one.

In 2005, I got the first notice he was going to come up for parole. He told me if I told, if he was arrested and if I testified against him, he would kill me when he was released.

I knew he was serious when he made that threat. He was a 5 time felon. He told me “next time, I won’t leave a witness“. I know he will kill if he is ever released.

[amazon asin=B004W2KOZ8&template=*lrc ad (right)]Through the years, I decided I couldn’t take the hell of re-living the attack on me and being in fear of every corner, every stranger who stands behind me in a line and every person walking down the road. I didn’t want to keep living, it was too much and I had lost my ability to feel comfortable. I hated life.

Then, I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. A MIRACLE BABY to be sure! I wasn’t suppose to be able to have kids, so this was truly a miracle and gave me every reason to want to live.

If I had a gun when he first broke in to my home, I would not have to re-live this over and over again. But if I didn’t have “one in the chamber” ready to fire, I wouldn’t have had a chance against him.

The only way I lived through this was that I made him believe I might be willing to have a relationship and meet him again. I’m ashamed for having done that, but I wanted to live.

I have trained and trained and trained. I have taken self-defense classes with my first CCW instructor. It was scenario based training for a car jacking, restaurant confrontation, or being awoken from sleep. I carry ALL the time. My gun is only locked up when I’m on the [amazon asin=B001T7QJ9O&template=*lrc ad (left)]road and going through an area I’m not legally able to carry.

I don’t call myself a victim, I’m a survivor. I WILL be ready if I need to be. I am aware of my surroundings all the time and don’t even allow myself to let down my guard at home. The doors are always locked, and my gun is always with me.

Ladies…what would you do if a stranger broke in to your home? Would you become a victim or would you protect yourself and your family?

Evil comes with many different faces, you never know who may be willing to take advantage of you, just because you are a woman.

Ladies, take care of yourself…you can’t always count on your Significant other, family, friends to be there to protect yourself, and you may not be able to convince the monster to leave you living. Don’t be a victim…get a gun and practice, practice, practice! Get comfortable with it, it can be your best friend! Best of luck, and many blessings for you. TR (Lady Glock)

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If you have a story in which your possession or use of your gun saved your life or that of someone else and you would be willing to share it, please email me at [email protected]

About The Well Armed Woman:

The greater my interest and passion for guns grew, the more I found that the women I knew and worked with responded with excited curiosity to my new enthusiasm. Women wanted to know more and couldn’t wait to try firing a gun!

I’ll introduce you to the ins and outs of armed self-defense, gun ownership, gun safety, products for women shooters. We’ll discuss everything from permits to holsters and do it in a candid and concise manner. I created The Well Armed Woman, LLC to be a complete resource without fluff or frills for women gun owners. Visit: www.thewellarmedwoman.com

Reprinted with permission from AmmoLand.com.

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