Digital Carjackers Show Forbes How Michael Hasting's Car Could Have Been Remotely Carjacked

Hasting’s isn’t mentioned in the video, just a demonstration of how a car can be remotely carjacked.


The research on this was done as a result of funding by the Pentagon, which Forbes writer Andy Greenberg tells us was commissioned to, ahem, “to root out security vulnerabilities”:

This fact, that a car is not a simple machine of glass and steel but a hackable network of computers, is what Miller and Valasek have spent the last year trying to demonstrate. Miller, a 40-year-old security engineer at Twitter, and Valasek, the 31-year-old director of security intelligence at the Seattle consultancy IOActive, received an $80,000-plus grant last fall from the mad-scientist research arm of the Pentagon known as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to root out security vulnerabilities in automobiles.

Reprinted with permission from Economic Policy Journal.