George Zimmerman Acquittal Reflections and Lessons Learned

Sanford, FL–This sad case began with a tragedy.   Travon Martin was a troubled lad who made terrible choices.  The data recovered from his cell phone and was later unlawfully hidden from George Zmmerman’s defense lawyers by prosecutors showed that Martin was heavily involved with illegal guns, drugs and fighting.

Judge Debra Nelson later ruled that cell phone evidence inadmissible and that was not at all unusual in our courts.  It may seem unfair to some but that’s what they normally do.

As for Martin he apparently had personal issues with what he called, “crappy assed crackers” and was the one actually profiling Zimmerman clearly by race.  To me it’s logical and believable that Martin caused his own death by assaulting Zimmerman.  However we all must recognize that there are no witnesses or video to establish this fact with absolute 100% certainty.

We must not never lose sight of is the fact that we don’t require accused people to prove their innocence and that burden is the government’s to prove that self-defense was not somehow necessary.  In the Zimmerman case both the government and media led us astray in that regard.

What is certain are the injuries to Zimmerman obviously inflicted by the stronger and faster, Travon Martin.   They’re not serious injuries but they clearly substantiate an attack by an aggressor.  The police carefully investigated the case and there was simply no probable cause to arrest Zimmerman.

Zimmerman could have avoided his horrible and expensive ride on the Wheel of Misfortune by simply asking for a lawyer rather than cooperating and answering every question put to him by the cops.

The cops were fair and also the first set of prosecutors however; a special prosecutor shanghaied the case.  In the end the only evidence they had was Zimmerman’s admission that he shot Martin.  His verbal claim to police of self-defense became a confession they used to file the case!

Martin’s parents did not understand or even care about the truth as they sought legal counsel, after all their son was now dead.  Suddenly a public relations campaign was set in motion to incite, inflame and distort the facts of the case.   The media used and misused the information as they sensationalized facts.  NBC NEWS actually went to far as to cleverly edit the 911 tapes to place Zimmerman in a false light as they misled the entire world suggesting that Martin’s death was a hate inspired crime.

Even the Whitehouse and the Attorney General wrongfully got involved.  They used public tax funds to help Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson lead race baiting public demonstrations.  Politicians for purely political reasons hijacked the normal investigation and prosecution procedure.  Zimmerman was quickly charged in a misleading criminal complaint that even bypassed normal Grand Jury review.

God given rights to protect oneself their family and even innocent bystanders is what was threatened by vile and nefarious race baiters inside the Whitehouse and by certain members of the Civil Rights movement.

We’ve all been given the gift of fear and the instinct for survival.  If not we’d have never survived as a species.  We also have the ability to make tools and weapons for self-defense.  The shameless and unwarranted injection of racial hatred into the Zimmerman case was an intentional campaign to undermine the legitimacy of self-defense rights.

The self-defense rights of members of every race and religion; are sacred and personal.  Denigrating these rights will land and has landed thousands of innocent people behind bars.  That could happen to you or someone you love.  Tampering with these rights is dangerous to all of us.  There are millions of cases where weapons other than guns are used in self-defense so these laws have nothing to do with the separate issue of gun control.

In court prosecutors are generally more experienced in ways to subvert justice by hiding evidence and confusing juries.  They have huge budgets for investigators, experts and litigation support that are never equal to public defenders or most private attorneys.

The George Zimmerman case was nothing less than an exercise in prosecutorial and government tyranny.  Here the government actually created a bogus crisis.   They claimed a hate crime was committed by a racist vigilante, when they knew otherwise.

Oddly enough here the government further and shamelessly victimized Travon Martin’s parents by the deliberate obstruction of justice in allowing this charade of a show trial to even happen.  In the end the jury saw through the subterfuge and followed the law rather than the tainted emotion and hyped prosecution smokescreen.   Zimmerman’s lawyers proved themselves up to the task of his criminal defense and prevailed.

Zimmerman will forever be a marked man and a curiosity.  He will be virtually unemployable and if he has any success it will be in some business unrelated to security, law enforcement or private investigation.

As for the reaction of the African-American community to this trial it was surprising to me personally.  There were the many thousands of hateful and scary threat messages plastered all over the Internet.  So far there were only a few scattered related incidents of violence and they were on the West Coast.

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