'The Future Is Coming, the Future Is Coming,' Warns the Paul Revere of Trends

The future is rushing toward us at a speed never before experienced. Can anyone forecast what the future will look like and what it will bring?

For two decades The Trends Journal has been doing just that, writing “History Before it Happens!”

Take a look at today’s news. It is a matter of record that we predicted just such headlines in our trend forecasts, long before they became news.

  • On the economic front we have been forecasting systemic global failure for years. Contrary to mainstream financial industry and government experts, the insiders and pundits, we have insisted that the various cheap money/imposed austerity policies designed to restore “growth”would, at best, provide no more than temporary relief.
  • Who else do you know that warned of bank holidays and predicted that recessions in troubled countries would spiral into full-blown depressions? Yet, even with adult unemployment at some 30 percent and youth unemployment over 50 percent in Spain and Greece, for example, the business media and politicians still don’t call it “Depression.”
  • There is no “recovery”and, even according to “officials,”the economic future will be bleak: “Increased tensions at G-20, IMF meetings”reads one of today’s headlines. “World finance leaders say growth still weak.”says another.
  • On the geopolitical front we warned of mounting public unrest culminating in widespread violence that would destabilize governments. For example, even as the mainstream media ballyhooed the “Arab Spring”and assorted presidents, prime ministers and chancellors commandeered the airwaves to blather on about the triumph of “Democracy,”our forecast read “Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss.”Today, the bloom of an “Arab Spring”has long since withered.
  • On the Home Front we wrote “History Before it Happens”when we defined “Battlefield America”as one of the Top Trends of 2012. (Click here and read it for yourself.)
  • We have been documenting and forecasting the ongoing erosion of America’s Constitutional rights, a trend that has been accelerating since 9/11. The martial law we predicted, that could, at any moment and under any pretext, be declared, was declared in Boston – but that’s not what it is being called.
  • Instead, the state of siege that shut down Boston and extended 100 sq. miles beyond the city, paralyzed transportation, permitted warrantless door-to-door searches and saw police stopping civilians for questioning was celebrated as a victory over terror.

Yes, possibly it was, but more importantly it signals the beginning of an ominous trend that is not being recognized for what it is.

Beyond the economy, geopolitics and terror, the 40-page Spring Trends Journal also features important developments in alternative-energy, new millennium education plus the great “I don’t want to hear it”trend that no one else is talking about.