Official Appleseed u2018Liberty Training Rifle' by Marlin

by Max Slowik

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Marlin has teamed up with Appleseed – the national shooting and historical society dedicated to teaching people the fundamentals of marksmanship and the annals of the Revolutionary War – to bring to market an official “Liberty Training Rifle,” a specialized Marlin 795.

While a factory Marlin 795, Ruger 10/22, Henry Golden Boy, even a decked out AR-15 or just about any rifle will take you through an Appleseed event, Appleseed likes to focus on a wide range of shooting skills and some things are highly recommended, such as the use of magazine-fed semi-automatic rifles, preferably .22 rimfires simply due to the amount of ammo an Appleseed shoot requires.

Peep sights are preferred and slings are practically necessary, which is why the new Marlin LTR comes with both. Marlin went with official Tech Sights brand Tech Sights for the LTR, which are heavily-favored by Appleseed shooters. The sling is a traditional canvas sling.

Finally, the LTR comes with two 10-round stick magazines.

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