Splish, Splash, Bang, Bang: Stunning Photographs Reveal Beauty of Shooting Handgun UNDERWATER

by Emily Anne Epstein Daily Mail

Firearm aficionado Andrew Tuohy has filmed himself firing a range of weapons, but never before underwater.

The gun expert has posted a series of images, as well as a video, to his blog Vuurwapen to show the different effect each gun has in his swimming pool.

After being triggered, a tornado forms at the end of the gun for a few short seconds before the bullet sinks down to the bottom and surrounding bubbles float to the surface.

Mr Tuohy took his .40 Glock 22 into his swimming pool and fired.

He recorded the effects with his Pentax Optio WG-2 waterproof compact camera, which can record 120 frames per second.

The firearm was not damaged during the video, but Mr Tuohy said the kickback was strong.

More than 30,000 people have viewed it on YouTube.

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