The Secret Government

by Jack D. Douglas

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Most Americans do not know it, but they are seeing secret government ops behind plain-paper-bag fronts.

In recent years there have been some detailed articles about the thousands of small companies the U.S. has funded to do “anti-terrorist” research of every kind imaginable. The D.C. area and areas surrounding it in Md., Va. and beyond have vast numbers of these secret firms that are right out in the open and hidden by being visible, but with no business i.d. as a front that could lead people to seek to do business with them. I suspect some have fronts, as in most movies about such things, but plain-ordinary-brown-bag-wraps seem SOP. There are, of course, the Big Corps. who have real businesses of many kinds who serve also as fronts for U.S. secret ops, from spying to snipers shooting villagers. Firms with offices around the world, like Bechtel and McKinsey, seem to be part of that. I’ve known people at both of those who seemed pretty obvious.

A friend from UCSD was married to a physicist who has seven top-secret “defense electronic” firms in the San Diego area. This area is crammed with ONI, etc., secret firms. San Francisco is crammed with all kinds of electronic firms. [You will remember the top secret AT&T office in downtown S.F. which served as the point for sending web-messages coming into the U.S. from the Pacific area to a CIA office in the same little “business” building for routing and copying.] I expect the southern area of Texas is also full of some of these.

There have always been some “stores” near us which obviously were big money losers because of high rents and almost no business that go on for years. A friend who was a bank manager in the area of one of these was sure it was a money laundering outfit, presumably for drug money here near the border [but the CIA et al. have fronts for this too, mainly small banks, which I’ve written about before]. There are some Big Corp. outlets that go on for years with little business which seem to be real estate plays, but small firms can’t do that unless they are fronts for illegal money coming into the country, etc. It’s not just drugs and major crimes. One neighbor who was a S. African Jew had gotten out of SA with enough money to set up a big furniture store where our son worked for a while as a teenager. An outfit like that can send bills to S. A. which they pay, without getting any goods of comparable value, then the local firm holds the surplus for them until they get out, for family or for a fee, etc.

There are parts of the world, like the Cayman Islands, where money laundering is rampant so there are all kinds of individuals and companies that just have mailing addresses and others with offices that pretend to work.

There are, of course, a lot firms that are doing research, etc., here for international firms who do not want any publicity and use the plain-paper-sack front. Some of the Big Pharma local outfits look a bit like that, but generally have cars and people!

As all police and private detectives will tell you, once you have a general knowledge of such activities and have the attitude of suspicion and pay attention, you can see all kinds of things other people walk by with no idea anything “strange” is going on.

The same thing is true of individuals doing “strange” things, like being gay, street walking where police are a danger, etc. The experienced gays can almost always spot other gays. There are little things from ways of walking and talking to clothes, the way they watch people, etc. Gays also have always been keyed into the gay “back channels” or “grape vines” and know who knows. One of my Ph.D. students who was very bright and a secret lesbian knew all about major public, male gays before it ever got out more broadly. Jerry Brown when he was governor the first time used to date beautiful young women to throw people off the scent, but she knew all about his life in the Newport gay community underground. Rock Hudson….you name him, she had him tabbed correctly.

There was just a news item this morning about Strom Thurmond’s half-black, illegitimate daughter that he had with his black house maid down in super-seg country. It mentions that for all those years the black community and some of the rest of the local community where they lived buzzed with those “rumors.” Of course they did. The black community would damn well know because it was tight and very keyed into such things. People like us have known all kinds of U.S. “spooks,” but, even though we are not really in favor of secret police, we do not reveal who they are or were. This reminds me of a major point I’ve made many times about the open-secret world of political sexual deviance. As Super K said, “Politics is a great aphrodisiac.” It is for both the powerful pols. and for the mass of female [or male] groupies, even for frogs like Super K when he is a very famous and powerful frog. Politics is also a “wine, women [and men] song trip.” Almost all of the big dogs are into sex in big ways. “Charley Wilson’s War” was too obvious, but very realistic. JFK, LBJ and Bill Clinton were extreme satyrs. So everyone close to them or keyed into the grapevines of people close to them knew they were wild sex fiends, but almost no one ever made it public, partly because the media people are very involved in that world and want to continue to play ball in all ways.

Here’s another real-world example which I’ll mention only because the parties are now dead. I never mentioned it when they were alive. When my life-long friend Bill Marina worked in Washington a close friend of his was inside the Jack Kemp team, very close. This friend told Bill repeatedly of the wild sex Kemp had with groupies in his office and of his fears it would leak out. We never said a word about it, probably until this. It was and still is vitally important not to reveal the source and violate a friend’s trust. [The source is still very much alive.] Bill and I thought it might well leak out during the presidential race since the spotlight was so strongly on him. But it did not. My bet is that someone published it somewhere locally, but no one would touch it, just as I assume now they are doing with Obama. This ability of the American Media and political communities to keep things secret which are known by thousands and are obvious to those in-the-know about such things is very striking. We see the same thing about really important things, unlike sexual blasts.