Another Obama Inauguration as Amerika's Fascism Continues To Escalate

by Scott Lazarowitz Reason and Jest

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The Amerikan people have spoken: "We love and adore our Dear Leader. We want more fascism, more government control over our private lives, more theft of the workers and producers, more spying, more war, more drones, less freedom, more destruction and more death."

I wonder if Barack Obama invited his half-brother George Obama to the inauguration – remember George Obama? He's the president's half-brother who apparently lives in a shanty in Nairobi, the one President Obama doesn't seem to have helped out very much. However, George defends Barack's lack of being his "brother's keeper," so I guess it doesn't matter very much. (But it's just more important that Barack Obama spend $50 million on his inauguration, that's all.)

As all this is going on, Barack Obama's comrade, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick says he wants to raise taxes even higher on the workers and producers of the Bay State, on top of their federal taxes that have just gone up (thanks to the selfish degenerates in Washington).

This new tax-theft scheme is intended to fund Patrick's education and public transportation agendas and expanding of rail service. (Rail service hardly anyone will use, that is.)

In other words, Patrick might as well be saying, "Please let me siphon off more of your hard labor so that I can pay my union buddies in the state-construction racket to thank them for reelecting me and to further my own selfish political ambitions."

Nothing new here. "Good for you," as Elizabeth Warren might say.

Governor Patrick – a genuine Michael Dukakis on steroids if there ever was one – is surrounded on Beacon Hill by other self-centered degenerates, as top legislators give their non-productive staff members raises to add to their salaries they don't deserve, some of which apparently in the 6-figures, and this on top of the state auditor's staff who had been given a 16% raise. (The state auditor's office is in charge of getting rid of "waste, fraud, and abuse.")

Gov. Patrick the fascist also just signed the bill to fingerprint "teachers, workers at child care centers, school bus drivers …" and "everyone seeking to adopt children or become foster parents as well as employees of school departments who may have direct, unmonitored contact with children," with that information placed into a state police database and "forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation."

Obviously, Patrick is no friend of civil liberties, due process or civil rights. He is a "liberal," after all.

And attempting to fill the shoes of his fellow anti-due process governor from New York, Patrick has filed a bill to further restrict gun ownership in Massachusetts, and to "require the state to send all relevant mental health records to a federal gun license registry," as well as "training teachers to recognize symptoms of mental illness in students."

But how about training students to recognize symptoms of mental illness in teachers? Hmmm? There's a lot of that going around these days.

Too bad Muffy Healey, Patrick's 2006 Republican opponent, lost that election.

Like Connecticut, Massachusetts already has the strictest gun control laws in the country. Connecticut's strict gun laws did nothing to save those 27 victims at Sandy Hook. Neither will Gov. Patrick's proposals or Obama's proposals – they will in fact cost lives, if history is any indication.

There are very few murders per year by use of those "military-style" assault rifles, as compared to pistols, shotguns, knives, hands and feet. But what the fascists want to do is further disarm the population and make people even more defenseless against murderers, wife-beaters, and rapists who use pistols, shotguns, knives, hands and feet.

Previous to Patrick's newly introduced anti-private gun ownership proposals, the governor of New York had exemplified the purely irrational emotionalism of the gun control crowd, as he screamed and wailed to "end the madness" in his recent State of the State address. His emotionally-charged bill to make people defenseless was rushed through the legislature, just as was George W. Bush's reactionary Patriot Act in 2001 and Obama's Affordable Care Act in 2010.

That act of legislation – now the law in New York – requires mental health practitioners to report to the government those patients that the doctor thinks may be a danger to others. And Obama's new proposed Executive Orders includes this: "Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes."

However, many of today's physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors, especially the younger ones, were brought up in the modern, government-controlled schools, which have dumbed down the people and discourage critical thinking skills. The schools now label kids who act normally with an abundance of energy as "hyperactive," or label kids who question their authorities' dictates as "defiant" or suffering from "ADHD."

Or, some of the teachers and parents are afraid to discipline misbehaved kids or to give them a failing grade when they deserve one, in an attempt to avoid "hurting their feelings." So, many of the secondary schools and colleges are accepting or giving passing grades to total incompetents.

Therefore, I am not completely confident in the judgments of our modern and future doctors and mental health practitioners, quite frankly.

And after the school authorities label kids as "defiant," "autistic," or "psychotic," the authorities dish out the psychopharmaceutical drugs, such as Ritalin and SSRI anti-depressants, like candy.

I have heard several of the people being interviewed or speaking on panels regarding the Sandy Hook shootings who have stated that alleged shooter Adam Lanza "should have been medicated," given Lanza's problems. However, it appears that Lanza may have been on some form of psychopharmaceutical drugs, and for many years, as asserted by the Lanzas' hairdresser and a former babysitter.

As has been the case in many mass shootings now, it's the opposite of that – they were medicated, but shouldn't have been. Alleged Aurora theater shooter James Holmes is now thought to have been on medication, but the documents filed by police, who supposedly had seized pill bottles from Holmes's home, had been heavily redacted and no specific name of drugs was disclosed.

Many of the school shootings in more recent years were committed by people on anti-depressant or anti-psychotic medication. Some may have been suffering from withdrawal symptoms after stopping their medication.

It is already known that some anti-depressant prescription drugs such as SSRIs and anti-psychotics can cause severely aggressive behavior. But, rather than addressing these prescription drugs, the chicken littles instead want to disarm innocent people and make them even more vulnerable, especially women. And the fascists want to seek out "mentally ill" people and either disarm them as well or perhaps even put them on psychiatric drugs. But who is to decide who is "mentally ill," and is there really "mental illness"?

But given the lack of good judgment of many health practitioners these days, requiring doctors and counselors to report possibly dangerous people to the government could itself be dangerous.

In fact, already in the U.K. the Cameron Regime has been having doctors report on patients who may be “vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism.” The U.K. has also engaged in the disarming of the civilian population and thus causing a rise in violent crime there (contrary to the assertions of one CNN nudnik who shall remain nameless here).

Also in the U.K., cameras being placed in private homes, government-sponsored "parenting classes," the government monitoring all emails and website visits in the U.K.?

Yes, I know, that's England and not America, but government-controlled education has dumbed down a lot of people in a lot of countries.

So why not have doctors reporting on patients, based on the doctors' own subjective biases, lack of critical thinking abilities and their ignorance as well?

As I have noted before, already in the U.S. we have a DHS and FBI wanting people and businesses to report on others as "suspicious" for what are really normal behaviors. But today, thanks to years of government-controlled education, behaviors that are really harmless are now viewed as "suspicious."

According to the FBI and DHS, some of those "suspicious" behaviors include: buying food in bulk amounts, believing in "individual liberty," distrusting "centralized federal authority," and "supporting political movements for autonomy."

For many ignoramuses now, "autonomy" and "independence" = "criminality" and "terrorism."

Being critical of the government is now being seen as "treasonous" or dangerous by some, even though it is our very own incompetent and corrupt government bureaucrats who have been acting criminally and treasonously in many ways, in my view. Just ask Bradley Manning, Brandon Raub, Susan Lindauer and William Binney.

But the psychiatric police state is here, and it won't involve just mental health professionals but all health care practitioners whose treatment includes their asking patients for very personal information. Because of how our society has declined culturally, intellectually and socially, I am not surprised to have personally already seen doctors of an emotionally and intellectually immature character. Obviously, with Obama's Soviet medicine, worse is yet to come. There just don't seem to be very many Dr. Georges around anymore.

If you are not very familiar with your doctors or counselor, it would be wise not to share information with them about your political views, especially "anti-government" views, which many readers here happen to have, or whether or not you own a gun.

You see, thanks to the government-controlled schools and modern Amerikans' lack of critical thinking skills, we have historically-ignorant people who really have no idea what the real purpose of the 2nd Amendment is. A lot of anti-gun rights people (and some pro-gun rights ones as well) actually scoff at the idea that our own government could turn against us.

The cognitive dissonance is amazing! "Liberals" want the civilian population to be disarmed, but they want only government police and government military to be armed, and heavily armed at that! And this despite all the police brutality, the S.W.A.T team raids at the wrong addresses, and criminal behaviors committed by police and prosecutors all over Amerika, as we have seen on a daily basis in the news, on websites such as LRC and on YouTube. Many police are drugging up on steroids, and the military doctors are screwing up the soldiers with prescription drugs including those SSRI anti-depressants and stimulants.

As I have noted here, and in my articles about America's descent and the coming civil unrest, yes, there have been moments in history in which the U.S. government has turned the guns against the people. And you think that all the atrocities committed by our military, the murdering of innocent civilians overseas, can't happen here on the Rulers' command? All you have to do is see one article after another on our police state in Amerika, and see exactly what the people in charge are doing to our society.

So Obama is being inaugurated into a second term, and one can reasonably expect it to not be as wonderful as his first term was.