Alex Jones: I Made CNN Producer Cry


Radio host Alex Jones says his CNN confrontation with host Piers Morgan last night was so volatile that one of the producers of the show burst into tears during the commercial break.

According to Jones, the fact that the showdown became so out of control and off-script overwhelmed CNN staffers and sent them into a tailspin, including Piers Morgan Tonight producer Rachel Burstein, who began to shed tears.

Jones was supposed to appear in a third segment on the show to debate lawyer Alan Dershowitz, but CNN managers and Morgan himself were so outraged at his refusal to play ball that they changed the format of the whole program on a whim.

After the second segment, Morgan told Jones, “You’re done,” to which Jones responded by accusing Morgan of chickening out of the confrontation.

“We will defeat you,” Jones told Morgan, to which Morgan responded by snickering.

Jones said he also confronted Dershowitz on his support for creating warrants that would allow police and security services to torture suspects, adding that Dershowitz was not interested in debating Jones.

Before he even arrived at CNN center in New York, Jones described how he and cameraman Rob Dew were being followed around by undercover police.

Watch a video of Jones’ account of what happened after the cameras stopped rolling below, as well as the debate with Morgan itself.