The New Declaration of Independence From the Corrupt and Tyrannical US Empire

Recently by Jack D. Douglas: An Implosion of the US System Will Lead To Disintegration

As the Great Crisis we are now trapped in gets worse and worse and more and more Americans realize the government, especially the Fed System of Money Tyranny, was the ultimate cause of it all, they will rediscover the wondrous joys of freedom and independence from tyrannical government and will reread the American declaration of independence, which was the legal and moral call for American Disintegration from British Tyranny. Why don’t you get one of those pocket copies and read it with them when any ignorant Americans express shock at a “new Idea,” which is ancient and very American. And give them copies.

One of the first serious acts of the Glorious Movement For Independence From The U.S. Imperial Tyranny will be issuing a declaration of independence from the totally corrupt tyranny of the U.S. empire.

It’s happening very fast worldwide, as I have said in many of my essays. Every day there are big new moves to disintegrate from the tyrannical and suicidal, gigantic central planning, tyrannical states around the world, but specially from the terrorist U.S. Global Empire. Just yesterday major developing nations of the world and Japan and the head of the IMF in Europe bitterly attacked the global monetary tyranny of the U.S. Fed which they rightly said is causing terrible problems of inflation, rising commodity prices, and other awful problems, for the whole world; a major independence candidate won a major election in Belgium, which is almost certainly headed for freedom and independence from the central-planing tyranny; and Scotland set a 2014 date for a vote for independence from the new tory redcoats, which I believe the people will vote in favor of because the Crisis will be so much worse in 2014.

Almost all Americans before 1776 rejected the idea of Independence from the UK, then suddenly over a few years they realized that the UK was a terrible, tyrannical threat to the de facto independence of Americans from such tyranny. When the Tyrants sent soldiers to invade and occupy Boston, Americans knew it was only the beginning of a terrible occupation of America. Almost over night the people woke up and became enraged at the tyranny. The same thing is happening now in the U.S., in all of the Americas, and around the world. The terrible U.S Imperial Tyranny is enslaving us more every day and invading and occupying more and more nations around the world and sending its vast secret police and military armies to spy on, kidnap, torture and murder people everywhere who dare to seek real freedom and independence from this Global Slave Empire. All intelligent people around the world are coming to realize that when one of the U.S. Imperial Murder-Drones fires its Hell Fire missiles into a home in Pakistan, or Yemen, or Afghanistan, or Somalia, or anywhere and burns a mother and her chidden to death as they say their prayers or eat their breakfast in peace the U.S. will be coming some day to murder them and their children in this Satanic way with Hell Fire.

I have always been 100% American and lived in and loved almost all parts of this glorious land from sea to shining sea, and, though I treasure all we have learned and gained from the whole world, I even found it difficult living for some months in my mother’s ancestral land in London. Two New Zealanders who had fled the UK earlier put it beautifully in a splendid talk we had with them on a train. They had gone back to visit the old, beloved England, which is still lovely in the countryside, but they found that “only the Cabbages had remained there.” These centrally planned, bureaucratized Animal Farm slaves are exactly that – cabbages. They don’t even have the freedom, independence and courage of an Animal Farm pig slurping up the welfare state subsidized slime.

Even a few years ago, I did not think much about American Independence from the U.S. Imperial Slave State which now oppresses us and the world, because it seemed very distant and painful. Now I think Americans will soon have little choice as the Great Crisis grows and grows and threatens the lives of all of use with starvation and Hell Fire. I am not a Sam Adams hot head. I am like his relative, John Adams, who long did not like the idea of revolting against the King’s growing tyranny, until the King and his stupid bureaucrats forced intelligent Americans finally to make their Glorious Declaration.

The vile liars and thieves in Washington and the Fed and the Big Banks and the vast speculators will not stop oppressing Americans into an ever more vile form of modern, wrap-around slavery, so Americans are coming more and more to see that they have no choice but to become free and courageous, the land of the free and the home of the brave in reality, once again. We are being forced to be born again Americans and to save the real American nation from the preposterous and evil impostors who have stolen the government in Washington from the sovereign people. and made a ludicrous mockery of our beloved nation and constitution.