Obama Will Win, Thanks to the Clueless Banana Republicans

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Michael Rozeff's post on the Lew Rockwell blog is correct: "Obama Will Win." Rozeff asserts that "Ron Paul was the strongest candidate for the nomination, but the Republicans chose to die instead…"

The so-called conservatives in America who preferred a socialist Big Government Establishment crackpot like Romney will nominate him and sweep Obama to a second term. The Romney supporters will once again put themselves in denial, call Romney a "conservative," a "capitalist" (which he certainly is not!) and pretend that he would actually entertain the thought of cutting budgets, cutting deficits, dealing with the National Debt, dealing with the current failed system of monetary central planning, and so on.

America is also a sick country, and a banana republic with a "Chief Justice" who bent over backwards to rubber stamp Obama's SovietCare. America is sick, with millions of people dependent on government, and millions unnecessarily employed by governments – federal, state and local. And America is a police state.

A few nights ago while filling in for Michael Savage, Jed Babbin was defending Romney's choice for VP, Paul Ryan, and defending Ryan's budget that does nothing to heal America's economic problems. The fill-in host was also defending Ryan's plan to "replace" ObamaCare with something that the Republicans have in mind, which is nothing resembling free markets, and not having any better sense of medical freedom and privacy. Just the same kind of socialism and medical fascism, but a little less socialism to fool the voters so that these socialist Republicans can get themselves reelected, for that is the bottom line. (See Jacob Hornberger on Republicans' unwillingness to repeal ALL medical socialism, and see Laurence Vance on the socialist, unconstitutional Paul Ryan budget here, and see Vance here – and here and here on Republican hypocrisy on ObamaCare, and see Robert Wenzel's take on Paul Ryan's "slick healthcare plan," and Wenzel's list of articles on Paul Ryan.)

And then the next night, Michael Savage returned to his show, and brought up the millions of rounds of ammunition that the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies have purchased, like they know something is going to happen and they're preparing for it. But Savage said that many people now fear Obama, and fear that Obama is going to start something of a violent nature against the American people. Yes, Obama is something to fear, given all his recent executive orders, his use of a new Soviet-like medical takeover to have more control over the people's private lives.

So listen everyone, we had better get to the polls this November and vote for Romney to prevent the tyranny – NOT!

Because these "conservatives" like Savage don't seem to want to believe that Romney will do the same thing, especially now that the police state apparatus is in place for him to do it. The same police state apparatus that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney put in place for Obama to do what he's doing now.

The people in denial who nominated an outright socialist and fascist will have to face the fact the Willard Romney is as much a political opportunist and a self-centered narcissist as Obama, just another politician who wants power and doesn't want the people to have freedom!

So of course Romney approves of NDAA and opposes due process, approves of assassinating Americans without showing evidence against the accused, supports torturing of innocents, supports the idiotic drug war, and starting wars of aggression against foreigners who were of no threat to us. Romney is just another part of Amerika's banana republic sickness of statism.

So in addition to these clowns, we have the Homeland Security secretary whose department is alleged to discriminate against male employees and use sexual humiliation against them as well. I am not surprised, given James Janet Napolitano's sick TSA that exists solely for security theater and for no other reason, as its employees humiliate and intimidate travelers as well as sporting event attendees and others. And the buffoons of the "Supreme" Court also approved of police strip searching of people arrested for parking tickets and walking dogs without a leash.

Only in a sick, banana republic is all this happening. As Naomi Wolf observed, governments use sexual humiliation as a political tool to control the masses.

You see, the difference between Ron Paul and his son, Sen. Rand Paul, is that Ron Paul wants to get rid of the totally unnecessary and criminal TSA altogether, but Rand Paul wants to merely rearrange the deck chairs. I am not surprised that Rand – who wants to deport or put in prison certain people (such as Muslims?) merely for attending certain political speeches – and who is apparently clueless about why we have had terrorism in the first place, would endorse Willard Romney.

So, the TSA criminality at the airports and elsewhere is mere security theater, and isn't preventing terrorism. Neither are the wars that George W. Bush started and Obama continues to wage. The real way to end the threat of terrorism in America is to end U.S. government provocations overseas that it has been committing for 6 or 7 decades now.

You see, if you go over and trespass on foreign lands and murder foreigners as the U.S. government has been doing since World War II, and since 1990 in the Middle East especially, that provokes the foreigners and makes them want to come over here and do the same to us. And mind you, it is not we the American people who have been initiating such provocations overseas, it is our government that has been doing it. But we the American people are made more vulnerable over here by our stupid government bureaucrats and politicians' aggressions overseas!

Unfortunately, the history ignoramuses, the TV-hypnotized public, don't see it that way. They believe that everything began on 9/11, and won't believe you if you inform them of what our government imbeciles have been doing since well before 9/11. (See here and here for further details.)

You have to shake off all the government-media-complex's propaganda to really understand what our government has done to foreigners as a means of making us less secure and more vulnerable.

It would have helped had mainstream media reporters, TV show hosts and pundits not ignored and smeared Ron Paul during the presidential campaign, though. He could've gotten the truth out more effectively. CNN's Candy Crowley was just one example out of many.

But as I referred to in my article, Authoritarianism or Self-Determination (that didn't seem to get very much attention, oh well), the mainstream media won't tell you what the government is doing. Anything that glorifies the State and diminishes liberty is what matters. So the Michael Savage "conservative" crowd have been propagandized to support the Bush-Obama "war on terror," and growing police state.

But the Left is so taken in by feel-good socialist class warfare and envy politics, they would never believe what a fascist tyrant Obama really is. Glenn Greenwald is one of the few writers who exposes the Obama warmongering and the corrupt news media who serve his interests for more power. Many on the Left wouldn't believe Obama's war on government whistleblowers (and see here).

Greenwald wrote about how the Obama Administration's war on whistleblowers is reaching more than just the Department of Defense and military, and the extent to which bureaucrats are covering up their tracks to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests and basic government transparency guidelines. Greenwald notes:

(Evading legal transparency requirements is, like persecuting whistleblowers, a standard practice for the Most Transparent Administration Ever™: recently disclosed emails revealed that Jim Messina – then-former White House deputy chief of staff, now the Obama campaign manager – deliberately met with lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry at coffee houses rather than the White House when drafting the health care bill, and used his personal rather than official email account to communicate with them, in order to evade record-preservation and transparency obligations).

If you think the Obama Administration is corrupt, then given how dishonest, phony, flip-flopping and unprincipled Romney is, and given how then-Gov. Romney's staff replaced Massachusetts State House computers and hard drives as a means of covering up maintaining bureaucratic secrecy, do you honestly believe that a President Romney will be any less corrupt and sleazy than the current White House communist occupant?

And some of these bureaucrats don't even try to hide their incompetence and delusional behaviors now. On the face of it, Fast and Furious is a socialist, central-planning program to do something stupid (deliver guns to Mexican gangsters) with the intention of effecting some fantasized goal that, if the central planners actually thought about their stupid plan they would decide against it.

Actually thinking about their own proposals and policies is something foreign to government bureaucrats. The planners would have decided against Fast and Furious based on all the possible (and likely) unintended consequences (e.g. guns getting in the "wrong hands" and ending up being used to murder innocents).

The real answers to problems that the central planners are allegedly attempting to deal with are: ending the socialist war on drugs, ending the socialist war on immigration, and ending the socialist war on guns.

But we can safely speculate that AG Eric Holster's real intention with Fast and Furious is to convince enough people to accept the government's disarming of the people so that the civilian population can't defend themselves against Leviathan's tyranny. Even the clueless Republicans and conservatives, including Michael Savage, want to help the government disarm the civilian population. Savage and others cave to the emotionalism associated with a shooting in a theater or at a  religious house of worship, but do not understand the real issue – and this relates to why the Obama Administration is loading up on ammunition coinciding with their attempts to disarm the American people. Savage and others don't understand that, if the government, police and military possess AK-47s and other similar types of weaponry, then the civilians have a right to be equally armed.

Why? Jacob Hornberger pointed out why the American Revolutionaries opposed the government even having a standing army in the first place. And as Laurence Vance showed, the centralized military is used as the President's personal army, and doesn't serve the interests of the people of the country. The federal government's military, and other agencies that are now allowed to have armed power and authority, will be used by the President, Obama/Romney etc., against the people. And yes, it "can happen here." (And it already has.)

But the gullible TV-hypnotized American public will vote for Obama or Romney, and probably Obama will win.

The U.S. is continuing on life support, as Americans live under an inherently flawed system of central planning that is destined to collapse under its own weight. If the clueless conservatives really wanted to reverse the growth of Leviathan and the threat of federal government tyranny, they had their chance in 2012 with Ron Paul. (Perhaps there's another chance.)