Let’s Twist Again!

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Come on everybody! Clap your hands! All you looking good!

I’m gonna sing my song It won’t take long! We’re gonna do the twist and it goes like this:

Come on let’s twist again, like we did last summer! Yeaaah, let’s twist again, like we did last year!

Do you remember when, things were really hummin’, Yeaaaah, let’s twist again, twistin’ time is here!

Heeee, and round and round and up and down we go again!

Well, Société Générale was wrong. No QE. Instead, dear reader, it’s the Chubby Checker monetary strategy.

Reuters is on the case:

(Reuters) – The US Federal Reserve on Wednesday delivered another round of monetary stimulus and said it was ready to do even more to help an increasingly fragile US economic recovery.

The central bank expanded its “Operation Twist” by $267 billion, meaning it will sell that amount of short-term securities to buy longer-term ones to keep long-term borrowing costs down. The program, which was due to expire this month, will now run through the end of the year.

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