Ron Paul Wins Louisiana and Massachusetts Caucuses

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Texas Congressman and Obstetrician Ron Paul “dominated” the Louisiana presidential caucuses April 28, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Paul supporters also out-organized the presumed GOP presidential nominee in caucuses in former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s home state of Massachusetts, and Paul supporters took over the Alaska Republican Party the same day.

The Times-Picayune reported that “under party rules, Paul is guaranteed at least 17 of the 46 delegates to the convention at which Romney will almost certainly be nominated for president.” The final tally will likely be even stronger, as Paul – who lost popular votes in caucuses states such as Iowa and Minnesota, but emerged with a clear majority of delegates – will likely out-organize remaining rival Romney. Louisiana is also a primary state. Based on their performance in the primary, 10 of the delegates are guaranteed to primary winner and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, while five delegates are guaranteed to Mitt Romney (who placed second in the primary).

Romney’s home state of Massachusetts is also a primary state won by the former Governor, so nearly all of the delegates will be pledged to vote for Romney on the first ballot. But that hasn’t stopped Romney’s home-state delegates from really becoming Paul delegates who could abandon Romney on a second ballot at the national convention. According to Seamus Light of, in Massachusetts the “Romney” delegates are really Ron Paul delegates. “While all delegates are required to vote for Romney during the first round of the Tampa convention (but not during a second vote), district voters are allowed to choose whoever they want to fill those roles. Thus, there were two camps: the official Romney-approved slate, and the Ron Paul-allied Ronald Reagan Unity Liberty Slate.” Ron Paul’s Ronald Reagan Unity Liberty Slate swept the caucuses.

The Ron Paul movement – labeling it a campaign at this point is far too limiting – also claimed a third victory in selecting new leadership for the Alaska Republican Party April 27. The Alaska GOP convention chose Goldwater Republican Russ Millete as its new chairman in what the Alaska Dispatch described as an “alliance between the tea party and Paulites.” The Alaska Dispatch noted that erstwhile U.S. Senate candidate and Tea Party favorite Joe Miller and his wife spent the day coordinating with the Ron Paul campaign during the successful GOP insurgency.

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