The US Has Declared War on the World

Recently by Jack D. Douglas: The US Massacre Mentality

The U.S. Global Strangulation of Iran has nothing to do in the short or intermediate terms with any fear Iran will get a nuclear weapon. American intelligence and former heads of Israel’s Mossad agree with the international assessment that there is no evidence Iran is now trying to produce nuclear weapons or that they could do so in less than several to ten years if they tried to do so. There is also nearly universal agreement among serious analysts, including U.S. intelligence sources going back many years, that attacking Iran would likely lead to severe cuts in oil supplies from the Persian Gulf that would produce a severe shock to the global economy, especially in this time of financial crisis.

This does not mean Obama or the entire U.S. leadership at the top is going insane or trying to destroy the U.S. Empire. There is a “method to this seeming madness,” a very clear grand strategic goal involved in these constant threats and attacks on Iran. The general goal is to save the U.S. Empire and its domination and exploitation of the world to stop the accelerating decline and disintegration of the Empire and the American financial system and economy. The specific goal of all the attacks on Iran is to stop the rise of the Iranian-Shia superpower in the Middle East and its rapidly growing alliance with Islamist Sunni powers growing across North Africa, the Middle East, South Central and Central Asia.

Iran is also the core leader in the growing alliance of Shia and Islamist Sunnis with the vast nations of Russia, India and China against the U.S. Empire’s energy and dollar imperialism.

all of this makes Iran and its allies a mortal threat to the U.S. global empire and the present U.S. financial system tied to that empire. this is why the U.S. is taking such desperate risks to try to strangle Iran and to destroy its central position in this anti-American imperialism coalition that is growing rapidly.

Iran and its Shia Allies across the whole Middle East are a very real threat to the U.S. Global Empire’s domination and exploitation of this whole vast region. That Iranian superpower Shia bloc’s rapidly growing alliance with Islamist Sunnis makes Iran the core of a very grave threat to the U.S. global empire which I believe has already developed far enough to prevent the U.S. from continuing its imperialist suppression of muslim nations with totalitarian, puppet regimes and the use of those to exploit this vast region.

By attacking Iran and all of the Shia and Islamist Sunni nations allying more and more closely with Iran, most obviously Syria right now, the U.S. is in fact turning the vast Muslim World of nearly one and a half billion mostly young and very fertile people and much of the rest of the world against its brutal Empire.

This desperate grand strategy has, therefore, put the existence of the U.S. empire and of the U.S. financial system dependent on it at grave risk. at the very least, the U.S. is “going for broke” — “playing for all the marbles” — in its blatantly brutal, imperialistic strangulation of Iran and now some of its allies such as Syria.

The U.S. destroyed the Sunni block to the rise of Shia Iran as a Super Power in the Middle East when it destroyed Hussein’s Iraqi military machine, which the U.S. had earlier secretly supported in Iraq’s vast invasion of Iran [which led to the defeat of Iraq and the U.S.] Sunni Iraq was the only major block to the rise of the Shia as a Super Power at the heart of the Middle East. When the U.S. also installed a totalitarian Shia military power in Iraq which from the beginning was quietly allied with their brother Shia in Iran [where many of the new rulers of Iraq had lived for many years to escape Hussein’s secret police], the new, rising Shia Super Alliance of Iran and Iraq became a huge military power of 100,000,000 mostly young people who loathe the U.S. and control more oil and gas than the Saudi Arabian and UAE puppets of the U.S. Iran was by then already building its Super Alliance with Syria, Hizbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine, an Alliance at the very heart of the Arab World and the Middle East. That alliance grew very rapidly after Hizbollah defeated Israel and drove them out of Lebanon for the second time.

Beginning over a year ago the U.S. puppet Sunni regimes across North Africa started falling to popular revolutions against the puppets and, above all, against the U.S. Empire which replaced the U.K. and French Empires that had oppressed them earlier. The revolutions are still going on in almost every U.S. Sunni puppet nation, but in almost all of them the people are winning their revolutions and moving steadily into a new age of Islamist governments which are in fact very anti-American and becoming more so as the U.S. allys itself more and more openly with the most hated totalitarian regimes, such as the Egyptian Army. the absurd, monarchical and pseudo-democratic tyrannies in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Yemen and a few others.

From the beginning of these new Sunni Islamist movements and governments, the Iranians and their Shia allies have allied themselves more and more with the Sunni Islamists, based largely on their common loathing of the Great Satan — the U.S. — and the terrorist threat it poses to all of them. Turkey has not had an Islamist revolution, but the Sunni Islamists are taking over more and more in Turkey and becoming more and more Islamist, more and more anti-American and more and more quietly allied with the Iranians and the rising Sunni Islamists.

At the same time the U.S. was enraging the people of the Middle East against itself, the U.S. was enraging the Afghans and Pakistanis in the same way only more virulently with its terrorist murders and raids everywhere. The hearts and minds of nearly 200,000,000 Afghans and Pakistanis are now virulently anti-American. Though they are not yet allied with the rising Iranian Super Alliance, they are becoming more friend;y and will almost certainly find more and more common causes against the U.S. as the U.S. and its European [Nato] puppets flee the rising power of the Islamist guerilla armies. The U.S. has lost its terrorist war against Afghanistan and Pakistan and pushed them closer and closer to both iran and china, and even to some degree india and russia, to counter-balance the u.s. in its final desperate war against the world.

All of these vast developments are being hidden from the American and European peoples as much as possible by vast propaganda Media Wars against Iran and its grand global alliance against the U.S. But intelligent leaders around the world see the U.S. is desperate and is losing and even in Latin America the few remaining puppet regimes of the U.S. Empire, notably Mexico and Colombia, are turning more and more against the U .S. even in full public view. This happened just this weekend in Cartagena, Colombia, where Obama and his motley crowd of Key Stone Cop “security guards” were publicly humiliated by the still partially puppet regime of Colombia which needs vast U.S. military help in oppressing the peasants of the North for the vastly rich landowning families of the South. All 30 Latin Leaders there opposed even a future meeting of this sort with the U.S. without the U.S. allowing Cuba to attend and almost all insist as well on an end for support of the U.K. puppet regime’s claims to the Falklands off the coast of Argentina. Hugo Chavez, the elected president of Venezuela, was not even there because he is getting more cancer treatment in Cuba [not Miami]. He is more and more an ally of Iran, as is even Brazil on crucial matters like opposition to Dollar Imperialism and Inflation Thievery. Had he and his few very close allies from Latin America, Ecuador and Nicaragua, been there, the anti-American thrust would have been even greater. As it is, the Cartagena police wound up mortally embarrassing the Secret Key Stone Cops, the U.S. Army and Obama by taking U.S. security guards into custody over refusal to pay a prostitution bill for servicing rendered. Obama et al were made a laughing stock in a way that never happened before when these terrorized nations were ruled by oppressed puppet regimes. [Like Congressman Issa, I think these were SOP activities which led to police custody and massive public exposure for the first time. The U.S. Empire is losing its grip even on still dependent puppets.]

The U.S. has gotten very desperate in the Middle East. It is not only risking a cut off of oil by Iran over the U.S. strangulation of Iran, but the U.S. is now more and more openly involved in supporting the Sunni revolt against Syria and the Sunni oppression of Shia revolt against Bahrain by Saudia Arabia, the only major U.S. puppet left in the Middle East and a tyrannical monarchy loathed by the whole vast region and its own population [as far as we can tell in such an extremely closed police state].

It is always possible the U.S. will realize it is risking its entire Empire in this grand strategy, or that Iran will buckle under the strangulation pressures and retreat, or an Iranian ally like Syria will start a war inadvertently with another, more important ally, Sunni Turkey, that might reverse the growing great alliance. Maybe the U.S. will become more wise in its mix of sticks and carrots in dealing with Iran.

But I think these would be temporary set-backs for Iran and its great alliance of nations lining up against the U.S. Empire. I think the world sees the Giant is crippled severely by its losing wars, by the decline of the U.S. economy relative to the rising nations around the world, the so-called BRICKS, though one must add another I to that for Iran [in addition to India] — BRICKS, and The Great Global Financial Crisis the U.S. produced and is making worse and worse with vast help from its puppets in the EU and elsewhere, as even the “liberal” Brookings Institute just reported on the basis of global indices they analyze.

I think the U.S. is desperately fighting its last great imperial war against the world. I think the U.S. will lose this WAR and destroy its Empire and its global financial system. Obama has become the Undertaker of the U.S. Global Empire and, if he and his desperate strategists keep attacking the world, he will be the Undertaker of the U.S. as it now exists. By all indications, they will continue to destroy the U.S. unless some greater power, perhaps a Great Awakening of the American people who would prefer not to be impoverished or torn apart by the Obama Undertaker Strategy.