The Great Myth of the Welfare State

Recently by Jack D. Douglas: The U.S. War Against the World

The Great Myth of the Welfare State and all of the lesser myths and lies on which it was built are now being totally confounded by the harsh realities of human nature and finance and economic life and politics built on human nature. Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Mixed Economies, Democratic Fascism, and all the other brands of this Great Myth of the Welfare State are rapidly imploding. The utopian ideologists of all stripes of this insane and fierce certitude of impending heaven on earth are completely confused and in a state of total denial and are trying every wild-eyed scheme they can to revive the dying Great Myth. Ignorant armies of ideology are striking out against everyone they assume has threatened their Great Myth of heaven on earth created by endless paper-money debts and spending and consumption and dreaming and illusion.

They dream in desperate ignorance and ideological certitude of reviving their Great Myth and will stop at nothing to try to bring it back to life to stalk the earth once again with huge bubbles of paper money and debts that cannot be paid and the inevitable Busts and Depressions and the final Great Global Crisis it produces.

The enraged mobs of True Believers are becoming more and more murderous toward realists and anyone who dares to tell them the truth. Like all totalitarians, they are trying desperately to banish reality and replace it with their utopian dreams, illusions, and lies.

They will fail in the end and finally reconcile themselves bitterly to realities built on human nature. Only then will it be possible to rebuild realistic foundations for a workable, livable society and once again, begin the long and tortured trek of human beings to slowly, step by step, improve our world and lives and inner selves.

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