Don’t Call It ‘Junk’

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A few weeks ago I read a comment that asked, “What if you came across a bucket of old silver quarters that your grandma or grandpa had collected? What would that mean to you and your family right now?” (paraphrased)

Well, that would mean my family had several pounds of silver! Silver we could either sell or, at some point in the future, use as currency. In other words, grandma or grandpa would have blessed us with a real form of wealth.

I’ve decided to be that grandma. Granted, my kids are only 10 and 12, but someday, a bucket of real silver coins could make all the difference in the world to their lifestyle and future plans. It’s so easy to start collecting these 90% silver coins.

  • Go to a coin store and ask to see a pre-1965 quarter. Look at it carefully and compare it with a newer quarter. Quarters and dimes minted in 1964 and earlier contain 90% silver. Anything minted in 1965 and later do not.
  • Keep track of the current value of silver at this website. It’s updated frequently throughout the day. When you see a nice little dip, head to the coin store with a few dollars or more.
  • You will pay the “spot price” of the silver, which is the value as tracked by Kitco and other websites plus a “premium”. The premium is the profit charged by the coin dealer. Not all premiums are the same, so shop around to find the dealer who charges the lowest premium.
  • Check jars (or buckets!) of coins you might have around the house. You might get lucky and find some of these coins right under your roof!

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