Differ With the State? You Must Be Sick

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Most people believe that ObamaCare is just about “health care” – making it “free” (that is, paid for by others) or at least more “accessible” (see previous bracketed deconstruction). In fact, ObamaCare is about everything. Once affirmed by the Supremes – which it will be – every nook and cranny of your (past tense) life will be Official Public Business. I go too far? I am being hysterical?

Let’s see now…

Already, it is a legal requirement in many areas that your child be given whatever vaccines the state decrees each child must have. If the parents demure, sanctions range from the beneficent (the child is prohibited from entering a government school) to the not-so-beneficent (a visit from the Child Protective Services KGB). Now, granted, some vaccines are helpful, even necessary. That’s entirely beside the point. The core issue here is coercion. Being forced to submit to a medical procedure.

With kids, the legal basis for this coercion is they’re minors. But when ObamaCare envelopes the land, we will all become minors as a matter of law – with those in control of the government exercising total control over us.

It is already happening. Consider, for example, the case of David Sarti.

Sarti is an older guy – and an overweight guy. He visited his doctor one day because he wasn’t feeling well. The doctor, a cardiologist, advised surgical treatment and radical weight loss. Sarti explained to the doctor that he did not wish to live his life with “tubes running out of his throat” and so on. And went home, explaining on his way out the door that he had livestock to care for. The doctor called the thug scrum. The local sheriff’s office sent armed goons to Sarti’s farm and had him forcibly committed for “psychiatric evaluation” because he declined the treatment advised by the doctor – and in order to force him to go on a diet.

See the news story here.

Subsequently, Sarti was declared “mentally incompetent” – and his (former) right to possess firearms rescinded. His rifles and handguns were taken from him by the state of Tennessee. See the video here: You will be struck by how lucid, even-tempered – and sane – Sarti appears to be. More so, given his ordeal. Sure, he’s heavy. And yeah, it’s not “healthy” to be that heavy. But if that’s evidence of mental illness then a third of the country is mentally ill – and in peril of being declared “mentally incompetent” and having their (former) right to possess firearms rescinded.

The key thing here is the pathologizing of difference. Any deviation from the prescribed orthodoxies – orthodoxies as defined by the government – is becoming the pretext for “intervention.” And that means, forcible interposition by men with guns, who will compel you to behave as dictated.

If Sarti can be sent to a rubber room for being heavy and declining to heed the advice of his doctor to lose weight or undergo a surgical procedure, what door has been opened? Think hard about this.

How about the case of the 64-year-old California man I mentioned in my last column (see here) who fell, scraped himself up a little, but decided he did not need to go to the hospital – and then was Tazered repeatedly in his own home by a thug cop, who refused to respect his choice to skip the trip to the hospital?

The law is already such that if a “public service” official decides you “need” treatment, you can be forced to “accept” it – at gunpoint. As Sarti discovered. As we all soon will discover.