A Christian Warmonger on Stilts

Recently by Michael Scheuer: Iowa's Choice: Dr. Paul or U.S. Bankruptcy, More Wars, and Many More Dead Soldiers and Marines

I watched a television commercial paid for by the "Emergency Committee for Israel" in which Mr. Gary Bauer spends a minute or so defaming Dr. Paul as: a spinner of 9/11 conspiracies, an America-hater, an opponent of the U.S. military, a friend of Iran, and — that most lethal of all sins — a foe of "our ally Israel." Now, that is a lot of lies to pack into a minute, but as a crazed-Christian one cannot expect the war-mongering Mr. Bauer to know that one of God's commandments is "Thou shall not lie."

The Republican Party's fear of the potentially enormous popular appeal of Dr. Paul's truth-telling in regard to foreign policy is palpable and understandable. Listen to Mr. Bauer's commercial and you will know what the Republican establishment wants:

  1. war with Iran, although Iran is no threat to the United States unless we or Israel attack Iran first
  2. all the U.S. blood and treasure needed to ensure Israel is free to do what it wants to Palestine, although both Israel and Palestine are irrelevant to the economic and national-security interests of the United States except in the negative sense that both entities bleed the U.S. Treasury and keep us mired in their endless religious war
  3. a popular belief that the U.S. military approves of Washington's relentless, war-causing, and bankrupting interventionism, even though almost all campaign contributions from U.S. military personnel go to Dr. Paul
  4. complete popular faith in the fallacy that 9/11 has been fully explained, although the 9/11 Commission's archive has yet to be released and so Americans do not know how easily Osama bin Laden could have been killed in 1998-1999
  5. Americans to hold the racist, counter-intuitive, and, indeed, brain-dead-Santorum-ite belief that Muslims are attacking us because of our freedom, gender equality, and liberty, a position the depends not on empirical evidence — there is none — but on the need of U.S. politicians to convince voters that their interventionism does not cause wars, which is as silly a belief as one that holds actions do not prompt reactions