Egomanical Even for a Dictator

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They are saying Obama will layout a "new vision" for this country. Sorry, Marx already had that vision. It is hardly new.

I interviewed PJTV's Vodka Pundit (Stephen Green) and took his advice: start drinking before this freak show and have no plan to stop for a while.

First, everyone wants to know the night’s winning numbers: We have 59 “I”‘s. Note, one “I” was not counted because in was a quote from someone else. There were 13 “my”‘s and 11 “me”‘s. There were 3 “it’s Bush fault”‘s. I couldn’t keep count of the “it’s the fault of a do nothing congress”‘s because many of them were a bit oblique.

I did notice a pattern to Obama’s word usage. He is an “I” junkie. He uses “me” and “my” like Methadone to push the next “I” fix out a few more seconds. Then like a drowning man, when he gets his face to the surface, he gulps a mouthful of “I”‘s. Like a junkie, he sneaks an “I” into a sentence when he thinks no one will notice.

Some of the “we”‘s suggest Obama had a mouse in his pocket.

Excuse me; I’m trying to read my notes…. Obama so badly twisted words, his social agenda almost sounded like a good idea. He wants to take the money he was borrowing to pay for the war in Iraq and use half to pay down the debt and the other half to buy a pink elephant with purple spots? Wait. Is that "nursing home for my mother-in-law" or "an electric car with really big fins"? Whatever… it’s something that will be great for the economy.

I think I got this right but he said "ending the war in Iraq was a blow against our enemies". WTF?!?!?? Maybe I should just stick with the elephant story.

It’s hard to say how many lies were in the speech, my Lie-o-meter rolled over at 100 thousand miles. At one point his nose got so long, it knocked over a TelePrompTer.

Hillary looked like she was sucking a lemon; her hair was done by Black & Decker.

I have to wonder if the Democrats have cheat sheets to tell them when to stand up. Are they standing because they believe the lie or because they know he doesn’t mean it?

Four more years of this clown with destroy what little is left of the free market and leave us living in old GE refrigerator boxes.

At the end, Obama should have been required to say, “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this political commercial.”

If Obama isn’t the anti-Christ, he’s at least his ambassador.

I’m not saying the Republican response was boring but I wandered off to the lobby and bought a box of Red Hots, a large coke and a tub of popcorn. That set me back $325.

The man giving the Republican response could shout, “FIRE!” in a crowded theater and put people asleep. It was like a preview of Mitt Romney’s campaign against Obama. People will vote for Obama just to get Mitt off the stage.

Listening to the SOTU for "a vision for America" is like going to a prostitute for a hug.

Good bye America. I wish I’d had more time to know you.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled hang-over……………

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