10 Innovative Uses for Salt

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Thought that salt shaker on your table was only good for seasoning an otherwise bland dish? Or perhaps something to throw down on the pavement to prevent a lawsuit during icy weather? Turns out salt actually has a number of innovative – albeit strange – uses related to health, cooking and food preparation.

1. Got Milk?

Add a pinch of salt (and seriously, keep it to a very small pinch!) to a carton of milk to help preserve its freshness.

2. Egg-scellent:

Eat a lot of eggs? Then be sure to keep salt at hand! Not sure if those eggs at the bottom of the fridge are any good? Drop ‘em in a glass of water with 2 tbsp of salt – if they sink to the bottom, they’re still fresh, but if they rise to the top, you should probably give them a pass! Need a use for that salt water (and those good eggs)? Try boiling them in salt water – it’ll make them easier to peel! Dropped an egg on the floor? Cover with salt and let sit for 20 minutes – it’ll make clean up a snap!

3. Genie in a Bottle:

If that water bottle you’ve been toting to the gym is beginning to smell a little less than pleasant, try sprinkling in a little salt. Not only will it sop up any remaining moisture (often the culprit behind the offending odor) but it will also sweeten and deodorize the container. Just remember to rinse before your refill! As a side note, this same trick will also work with your stinkiest sneakers!

4. Coffee Break:

You consider yourself a bit of a coffee connoisseur so you know when that coffee’s been overcooked. The solution? Add some salt – it’ll take care of the bitterness (and can later be used with ice cubes to clean the coffee pot!)

5. Itch Factor:

Hot, cold, hot, cold. Season changes can definitely take a toll on the skin. Reduce the itch associated with dry skin – and soften up scaly patches – by soaking in a tub filled with 1 cup of table salt or sea salt.

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