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Over 200 people are confirmed dead, including at least one US agent, with “Fast and Furious” weapons which were directed into the hands of drug cartels in Mexico at the order of our Justice Department and the BATF.

Under oath Attorney General Holder denied any knowledge of the operation or active participation in it and continues to deny his involvement to this day:

“My testimony was truthful and accurate and I have been consistent on this point throughout. I have no recollection of knowing about Fast and Furious or of hearing its name prior to the public controversy about it.”

Holder also lashed out at some of the more extreme charges being leveled by Republican lawmakers, such as a statement this week by Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) that federal officials who approved the “gun-walking” technique should be charged as accessories to murder.

Source: Politico

However, CBS News reports that Holder did, in fact, have knowledge of the operation in July of 2010, and received at least seven memos where Operation Fast and Furious was mentioned by name.

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The bottom line is that this is Eric Holder’s Justice Department, and he is doing everything he can to distance himself from an operation which he, as head of the department, oversaw.

While Mr. Holder maintains his innocence regarding the perjury charges being thrown at him by Republicans, there is perhaps a more serious charge that he should face, as suggested by Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu and others:

Via Steve Quayle:

Absolutely [the ATF have been accomplices to murder]. Not just these individual agents, but people up the chain of command who have made the decisions. The US Attorney for Arizona just resigned. This is a big deal. Now it’s one step away from Eric Holder. This is his Department of Justice. There are people who have lost their lives.