• Give and You Will Receive

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    by James Altucher: The
    10 Commandments of the AmericanReligion



    After a failure
    I feel lonely and afraid. Its hardest at these moments to pick yourself
    up and give a little in order to get. The only way to climb out
    of the hole, when you have a metaphoric needle sticking out of your
    veins and you’re lying in the gutter that the world has kicked
    you to, is to give back without asking, give as if you were the
    richest man in the world.

    This is not
    the same as giving to charity. There are so many other ways to give
    that are underappreciated. But its exactly these types of giving
    where the world will give you back ten times more than you gave.

    13 ways that Giving can help you Receive more

    Give credit
    where its due.

    Every day, give credit to your boss, your friends, your employees,
    your colleagues, even if it was your own ideas. Just give them credit.
    Everyone knows the reality. And the reality is YOU.

    Give Equity.
    When I started Stockpickr, someone wrote a blog
    post criticizing me
    for giving thestreet.com
    50% of my business. One of my employees even quit, he was so upset
    at that decision. (Although he’s since
    gone on to better things
    .) But that decision hooked thestreet.com
    into my business. Once the company was up for sale (which was the
    second after we launched the company) they were basically locked
    into my tractor beam to the point where they had to buy the company.
    If I had given them any less of the business I’d probably be
    sitting on a worthless website right now, post financial crisis.

    Give a customer
    more than they asked for.
    When I first did websites for New
    line cinema (in my old business, Reset), I offered to essentially
    do websites for all of their movies for almost free. That kept business
    coming from the whole Time Warner family and also gave my employees
    fun stuff to do in between doing websites for Con Edison and other
    boring companies. It also got clients for me because everyone thought
    our New Line sites were ‘edgy’.

    Give up.
    Some businesses just don’t work. Don’t make the issue
    worse by raising money and being fooled by the prophets who tell
    you persistence is key. 140love.com was my latest bad idea. Go check
    it out. I put $30k into that baby and on the eve of raising $500k
    I told everyone to save their wires and not send the money. It was
    a bad idea. The ghost-site still exists. Knock yourselves out.

    Give ideas.
    I’ve told this story before, but when I was really down and
    wanted to get things going for myself, I came up with as many ideas
    as I could for other people and simply gave them away for
    free. The results were stupendous. Sit down every day, picture a
    person you can give ideas to, and come up with ten good ideas for
    them. At the very least this will exercise the idea muscle, which
    atrophies like any other muscle if it’s not in constant use.

    Give time.
    Cornell, my alma-mater, recently asked me to donate some money,
    like they ask all alumni. I said there’s no way I can do that,
    since I’ve repeatedly written
    suggesting that parents not send their kids to college.
    BUT, I would be more than happy to give my time. So I went up, spoke
    to a bunch of groups of very smart, talented college students, and
    even found out about a business done by students who had just graduated
    that seemed interesting. I immediately came home and invested in
    the business. More on that in another post.

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    8, 2011

    Best of James Altucher

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