Will the Rape and Pillage Continue?

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the Director of the International Monetary Fund, an elite supra-national organization which rapes and pillages small, defenseless countries and their citizens, allegedly has a history of doing the same to defenseless women. Today he was arrested at the New York John F. Kennedy Airport for assaulting a maid at one of the top hotels in New York City according to CNBC, IMF Head Charged With Sex Crime in New York.

Strauss-Kahn has been mentioned as the next president of France and we've found that many people with powerful presidential ambitions like Al Gore and Bill Clinton are often serial perpetrators of these kinds of activities. This is understandable as when the power elites spend their careers raping nations and economies with impunity and no punishment or consequences, this behavior can carry over into their troubled private lives.

This is great news for Marine Le Pen, of the French Front National Party which is an anti-globalist and anti-EU, pro-France political party. Should she become president of France, this could help lead European nations away from the EU and toward the restoration of national sovereignty in Europe. To date, Strauss-Kahn and Le Pen have led in the French presidential polls and this embarrassment could kill his candidacy.

The Rape of the IMF

The IMF and the World Bank have worked together to advance the monetary and political interests of the power elite for decades. They use a good cop and bad cop strategy. Basically the World Bank loans money to corrupt governments and politicians that loot and squander the funds. Then this is followed by the IMF to the rescue by insisting on an "austerity program" of higher taxes and lower government spending to ensure the loans are paid.

While the IMF is willing to provide either loans or an outright funding stream to the country in question, there are inevitably provisions to be followed. The IMF will likely insist on higher taxes, cuts in services and often privatization of industries. The IMF has received a bad reputation with developing countries because its solutions often eviscerate the middle class while the privatizations end up involving fire-sales bid out to Anglo-American corporations.

If you would like to see how this business model works between the major banking elites, the IMF and the World Bank, just research what has happened to Greece. You can learn more about Strauss-Kahn HERE.

The Power Elites Operate Above the Law

A comparison of news coverage from the establishment media outlet CNBC owned by General Electric, the link at the beginning of the article to the more balanced Examiner editorial clearly shows how their control of the media and legal system will could result in Strauss-Kahn avoiding justice once again.

In France in 1999, he was forced to resign from a government position after a corruption scandal but a French court later cleared him of all wrongdoing. Again in 2008, his involvement with a female executive at the IMF resulted in her having to resign while he was only required to "apologize for a serious error of judgment".

The odds do not favor him being cleared this time for wrongdoing as the negative news coverage is too great and this could give Le Pen an outside opportunity to become the next president of France. This would be a great victory for those in Europe who oppose the EU and the tragic mistakes in his personal life just might cause the establishment to wash their dirty hands of Strauss-Kahn as his personal excesses could have dealt a major blow to elite interests and the IMF.

Just maybe, justice will be served for once in this regard. A history of the Anglo-American establishment clearly shows how those who embarrass or bring bad publicity to elite organizations, seldom survive politically, monetarily or personally. Time will tell what happens to Mr. Strauss-Kahn but the possible election of Le Pen to the presidency would be a Europe changing defeat for the EU power elites. For this defeat, Strauss-Kahn is sure to pay a heavy price for his personal failures. This would be good news for Europe and freedom advocates everywhere and disastrous for the IMF.

We hope the alleged serial predator days of Strauss-Kahn are finished but a more important issue is when will similar economic activities by the IMF and World Bank against entire nations also be restrained?

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