• This Is What We Are For, This Is What We Are Against

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    For almost
    12 years now, LRC has been on the hate parade of the plutocrats,
    the neocons, the banksters, the fascists. Those who glorify war,
    redistribution, empire, corporatism, and the police state, who
    live off their depredations, chew the rug when they read this

    Given the
    stunning power imbalance, why can't they just crush LRC? What
    Mises said really is true: ideas are more powerful than governments.
    Ideas are more powerful than smear artists and paid think tanks,
    shill media and hate-filled oil and financial barons. Our ideas
    can confound their knavish tricks, reveal their lies, show up
    their imperial nakedness.

    As Rothbard
    shows, the State — as impregnable as it seems — depends on the
    consent of the governed. The parasites are few, the victims legion.
    If we withdraw our consent from the State, even the KGB collapses.
    See, for example, the anti-TSA revolution last fall, which LRC
    led. As long as we were saying No, the massed power of 50,000
    blue shirts was foiled. We actually made them back down, and rope
    off many of their dangerous x-ray machines, and stop some of their
    feel-ups. Of course, the Transportation SA will start up again
    in 2011, but LRC will be there to give Janet Napolitano another
    hotfoot, if you make it possible.

    In 2011,
    LRC has much work to do. After all, we helped give Ron Paul his
    internet presence, from the beginning of the site. When he decided
    to run for president, LRC announced it, and spread the Ron Paul
    news during the entire campaign. This year, whether Ron decides
    to run again, or to focus on ending the Fed, the business cycle,
    and fractional-reserve banksterism, through his subcommittee chairmanship,
    LRC will be at his side.

    This site
    is a mighty ally. The millions of Americans dedicated to freedom
    and peace, prosperity and civil liberties, true history and real
    economics, are the LRC constituency. They are joined by a host
    of compadres the world over. LRC's influence is huge. Not only
    that, but we are constantly expanding our movement. Students,
    and people of all ages, are moving from neocon to libertarian
    to anarcho-capitalist. Others are awaking, for the first time,
    to what is being done to us. It's why even Soros and Koch, the
    anti-Ron Paul duo, worry so.

    I want to
    make them really worry. Would
    you help us start off 2011 in top shape
    ? We need to raise
    $67,000 to allow us to really buckle down for 2011.

    Think of
    what we stand for: Ron Paul, Rothbard, Mises, Austrian economics,
    honest money, honest banking, private property, private money,
    liberty, and the Golden Rule in foreign policy. Think of what
    we stand against: endless wars, the police state, the TSA, the
    CIA, taxation, national socialism, fascism, Keynesianism, the
    State: a gang of thieves writ large. We have so much to fight
    for, and against, if you can help us be a shining beacon of freedom.

    have a proven teaching mission. Help us expand and strengthen
    it. Help us give heart to all the good people whose friends and
    associates do not understand, and help us educate those friends
    and associates too. Help us hit the opposition like a tsunami
    of truth. Help
    make 2011 an historic year for all we believe in.

    Our enemies
    fear us. Like the Orcs of Mordor, they revel in evil. They want
    nothing less than a totalitarian regime. They fight to possess
    the ring of power; we refuse to wear it. Throughout all of human
    history, there has been a battle between power and market. That
    battle continues. It will always continue. But for perhaps the
    first time, we have a worldwide gathering of teachers and fighters
    who will not be fooled, who will not be downhearted, who will
    not be turned back. Do you hear in the distance, the trumpet blast
    of our revolution of freedom and peace? Our ranks increase day
    by day, with the best men and women on earth. Onward!

    us with your donation
    . Be with us in the great cause of our

    H. Rockwell, Jr. [send him
    ], former editorial assistant to Ludwig von Mises and congressional
    chief of staff to Ron Paul, is founder and chairman of the Mises
    , executor for the estate of Murray N. Rothbard, and
    editor of LewRockwell.com.
    See his

    Best of Lew Rockwell

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