It's Not A Matter of 'Should We Legalize Marijuana' — It's A Matter of 'How We Legalize'

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Following Tuesday night’s defeat of Prop. 19, I made the following statement to the press:

“Throughout this campaign, even our opponents conceded that America’s present marijuana prohibition is a failure. They recognize that the question now isn’t ‘Should we legalize and regulate marijuana,’ but ‘How should we legalize and regulate marijuana?’”

A just-released, comprehensive post-election poll of California voters strongly supports this sentiment, and further points towards the likelihood of passing a successful marijuana regulation measure in 2012.

Among some of the polls findings:

  • Fifty percent of California voters, regardless of how they voted on Prop. 19, “think the use of marijuana should be made legal.”
  • Further, of those voters who rejected Prop. 19, more than 30 percent believe that “marijuana should be legalized or penalties … should be reduced.”
  • A majority of Californian voters (52 percent to 37 percent) believe “laws against marijuana do more harm than good.”
  • Finally, the poll reaffirms that victory at the ballot box comes down most of all to voter turnout. The survey reports, “If youth had comprised the same percentage of the electorate on Tuesday as they do in Presidential election years, Prop. 19 would have been statistically tied.”

You can read more here: Despite rejecting Prop. 19, Californians lean toward legalizing marijuana, poll finds, Via The Los Angeles Times

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