Pistole as Puffball


Talk about your nauseating charade!

John Pistole, Head Whore at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) who admonishes outraged Americans to suck it up when his thugs strip-search little boys and traumatize pilots with near-rape, who spurns taxpayers' shrieks that they shouldn't have to risk cancer just to board a plane and shrugs at subjecting an entire generation to birth defects, also owns a soft side. And reveals it to his shock troops when he "Visits Airport to Buck Up Employees and Defend Tactics."

Or so coos the New York Times. "As John Pistole strode through Concourse B of Ronald Reagan National Airport on [Tuesday, Nov. 23,] one of the busiest travel days of the year, flanked by airport employees, a news media handler [sic for u2018propagandist you and I fund'] and a reporter, a bewildered traveler looked up and wondered aloud: Is a celebrity flying through?"

Could the Times pay this pornographer, pimp and pedophile any higher compliment in our star-obsessed culture? Meanwhile, had its reporter "flanked" Hitler as he reviewed the ranks, we would doubtless read of a "6-foot-3" hunk "with pale blue eyes and a slow, Indiana" — or Austrian, as the case may be –"timbre," a charmer who "can seem folksy and warm" thanks to "his dry sense of humor." Just an all-around great guy if we overlook his unfortunate habit of shoving folks into ovens then and porno-scanners now.

Actually, neither the Times nor its fellow-travelers in the corporate media consider the latter an unfortunate habit. No, we dissidents are the unfortunates who just don't get it, as the Times implies with its careful phrasing of the punishment awaiting us when we "opt-out" of the porno-scanners: "…the agency's new pat-down procedure, which many passengers say feels invasive and inappropriate." Of course, it isn't really. We wimpy wackos who can't take a little sexual assault to secure the ol' Homeland merely perceive it as "invasive and inappropriate."

Alas, that perception may explain why poor John has "been maligned on Twitter." The insults a hero suffers for trying to "[keep] travelers safe"! But being a patient and compassionate dictator, the sort who imposes his will by brutal force instead of by forceful brutality, John seizes the moment to teach us, to lead by example: "My hope is that, whatever people want to call me, they recognize that we're simply doing everything we can to work with people to provide the best possible security," he said, perhaps even blinking back the tears today's feminized slime shamelessly shed. "I have to try to assess what are the risks being posed and what steps we can take to provide the best possible security, while recognizing the privacy issue."

Who knew John even glimpsed "the privacy issue," let alone "recognized" it?

But let us vanquish such un-Amerikan reflections lest they detract from Our Ruler's triumphal progress through Reagan National! "…he was greeted in the airport by T.S.A. employees, whom he fist-bumped and thanked for their hard work, and who beamed and thanked him back. "

John's driving you to the john, isn't he? Take my advice and grab a barf-bag on your way back: you're gonna need it.

"u2018Thank you for standing behind us,' said the woman checking IDs [sic for u2018said the Nazi just doing her job of sorting victims as they step off the trains and who is therefore innocent no matter how many atrocities the higher-ups order her to commit']. Later, two young T.S.A. officers approached him to say, u2018Thanks for everything you're doing for us, dealing with all this media stuff.'"

If you didn't get it before, learn the lesson now: there is nothing abnormal about government agents' groping between your legs or leering at your naked daughter. Presuming otherwise means you have fallen for all "this media stuff."

If you like your perverts highly recommended, John's your deviant. "John O. Brennan, Mr. Obama's top counterterrorism adviser" warbles, "[John's] somebody who has always impressed me, as well as others, for being exceptionally unflappable, a straight talker, a clear talker…" Ah, so that's why he's calling the TSA's sexual assaults "pat-downs": he's a straight talker! And those who quibble when one of John's goons "inva[des] … an old woman's personal space" [Times-speak for "sexually molests and humiliates an elderly taxpayer"] simply don't enjoy John's "understanding of the nature of the threat that we face, the evolving nature of it and the creativity these terrorist groups bring to the effort…" Only John and Our other Rulers "understand what we need to do to guard against it." So shut up and spread your legs, you traitorous ingrate, you.

Funny that our straight talker would cite "last year's unsuccessful Christmas Day bombing attempt, when a would-be terrorist boarded a plane with a bomb sewn into his underwear," as justification for nationwide sexual assault. You might think John would remember — or fear that we remember — the many holes in that false-flag story, such as a father who repeatedly snitched on his son and whom authorities just as repeatedly ignored, or the mysterious man smooth-talking the wannabe terrorist's way onto the plane without a passport as other passengers watched. But no. John calls installing the porno-scanners with punitive sexual assaults for those who refuse "an easy decision" thanks to the Underwear Bomber. And all the while, the Times blithely continues cooing.

Remember as a child hearing for the first time about Hitler and his 12 million victims? Remember your shock that a whole nation cooperated with an obvious madman, your incredulity that rational people swallowed the Nazis' nonsense and acquiesced to torture, rape, hate and humiliation, concentration camps, mass murder? Remember thinking you would never in a million years understand how anything that grotesquely evil and demented could possibly happen?

Bet you understand it now.

November 29, 2010

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