Bugging Out With Children

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M.D. — I have been asked this question and I wonder if we could get your feed back? A family with children, say 6 to 10 years old, male and female parent. If they have to leave for 2 days or a little more before they can come back, what should they have in each bag to get through? Thought I would ask, I have my thoughts but input would be good.

Thank you, OLD SCHOOL

That depends on the bug-out location, weather, overall health of the group and other factors. Realistically a group of healthy individuals could make it just fine with nothing but the clothes on their back (2—3 days) weather permitting.

However it wouldn’t be much fun, at least not for you, when the spouse and kids are screaming at you, because of their discomfort and your lack of preparation.

The first consideration should be climate. If cold pack your bug-out bag accordingly — thermal underwear, coats, gloves, headgear, insulated boots, sleeping bags etc. Warm weather — sunscreen, shorts, tee-shirts, extra water, snake bite kit etc.

Your second consideration should be the health of your group. If everyone is healthy great, if not you will need to figure out how to provide for their needs.

For some, this could be as simple as packing enough blood pressure medication to make it through. Others may require full-time medical assistance and, or medications and related equipment.

Under stressful situations it is important for you to appear relaxed, confident and in control of the situation — even if you are a shaking bag of nerves on the inside. The last thing children need is extra stress brought about by a tense and out of control parent.

Another consideration is familiarity. During a bug-out situation you will be away from home this can be extremely stressful especially for children. It is important to eliminate as much of the stress of unfamiliarity as possible.

If they have a favorite blanket, pillow, stuffed toy or whatever gives them comfort and protection be sure to pack it before heading out the door. This is very important.

Children tend to bore easily, so adding things to extinguish their boredom is a good idea. You may want to put together a pack just for them, consisting of toys, books and games. Don’t forget extra batteries.

You will of course want to pack the basics — food, water, first-aid, extra socks and underwear, toothpaste and brush, toilet paper, baby wipes, hand sanitizer etc…

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