Is Al Gore Sane Enough to Stand Trial?


Al Gore’s bogus green enterprises have pulled in some major public funding based on fraudulent claims; leading to the suggestion that he may eventually stand trial. There’s something more. In his obsessive lectures, it seems he’ll not be content until he’s destroyed the economy and forced his political enemies, those who he credits for bringing his 2000 presidential dreams to an end, to their knees.

Is it a simple kind of Napoleon complex? Or is there something psychologically deeper? Will he be allowed to stand trial if Senate investigations lead to indictments?

I have reflected on one of his commentaries that I saw on YouTube. He had become frightened of the carbon dioxide in the soil and what might happen if it gets out. Carbon dioxide – CO2 – the stuff plants need to live and grow – stuff that’s been around since before the beginning of life – stuff life can’t do without.

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You probably know that the basic scam started well before Al Gore got involved. Scary stories about global warming or a coming ice age sold books. There was even a very successful movie – Soylent Green, based loosely on a 1966 science fiction novel Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison. I remember the era well. Men with long hair, the smell of marijuana in the air, and people were bad, mmkay. Their up-tight, middle-class values and ways were destroying the Earth. Right on!

CO2 is scary? Science tells us that oxygen burns explosively. You might as well be just as scared, if not moreso, of oxygen. People can drown in water. It’s actually happened. It’s not however, rational to fear such natural life-essential molecules as they normally exist in the atmosphere or in the soil.

I’d have to guess that most people believe that Al Gore is merely using his knowledge of political corruption for profit; and getting an extra kick from screwing his old political foes. But it seems to me that a slick politician, with all his marbles in the right place, wouldn’t go over the top too much for fear of looking like a loony.

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August 14, 2010