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    by Mark Sisson: The
    Salt/Blood Pressure Debate



    If you read
    that in Homer Simpson’s voice, you’re doing it right.
    You see, science is starting to admit more and more often that Homer
    Simpson may have had it right in at least one dietary area: his
    fat consumption.

    A recent study
    suggests that (duh) fat can actually reduce appetite, curb hunger,
    and help you lose body fat. It’s nothing we didn’t already
    know, but the idea of mainstream science tossing a fatty wrench
    into the well-lubed gears of conventional dietary wisdom was too
    good to pass up. Before your less enlightened brethren and sistren,
    however, start wrapping waffles around sticks of butter or eating
    blocks of cheese like apples, implore them to take a moment and
    read the fine print.

    The study
    starts by pre-empting its own line of attack with this
    juicy bit of CW-pandering: “Fatty foods may not be the healthiest
    diet choice, but those rich in unsaturated fats – such as avocados,
    nuts, and olive oil…” We think we know where they’re
    going with this. That popular term for edgy nutritionists living
    life on the razor’s edge, “good fats,” will surely
    be mentioned. We like to make fun, of course, but it’s true
    that avocados, nuts, and olive oil technically are “good fats.”
    It’s just that by feeling the need to preface with “good,”
    scientists do all fats a great disservice via a latent implication
    that other fats are “bad.” We have the same issue with
    the phrase “good dog,” but that’s for another post
    (or blog altogether?). Anyway, as we’ve
    established before
    , fat is generally a healthy, nay, the healthy
    source of fuel for all followers of the Primal
    . So why bring this study up?

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