Thinking of Buying Silver?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Silver

by Bill Sardi

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  • Silver is not being mined like gold is. New silver mines not as plentiful. See Silver Institute web site for accurate information on supply and demand of silver. Only 36 U.S. silver mines report production (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Annual gold production: 2,310,000 kilograms (kilo = 2.2 lbs) Annual silver production 20,900,000 kilograms
  • No silver reserves kept by central banks
  • Less likely to be confiscated
  • Less expensive to purchase
  • In greater demand than gold (largely by females who desire silver as a more affordable shiny metal; but also has industrial demand as silver is used in industry for silverware, in photography, electronics, etc.)
  • Silver coins are more practical for use in commerce because of its lower value (can buy groceries with it)
  • US silver coins should be distinguished from silver rounds, which are not legal tender in the U.S.

Silver round, looks like U.S. coin

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