Beware the Recent Situation in Greece: It Will Happen Here!


The current situation in Greece should be well studied and watched carefully. Rioting, property destruction and even murder, the absolute wrong way for citizens to react to this government-caused debacle, has begun in earnest. While this should not surprise anyone, it should serve as a warning to other countries; most especially America. As I write this, another massive bailout is occurring; and of course the U.S. taxpayer is once again on the hook for billions of dollars. This time though, it is going overseas. If current U.S. government policy remains in place; that is inflation, bailouts, excessive spending, increased taxation, higher deficits, etc., this causing even more unemployment, then not only in my opinion will rioting and civil unrest occur here, but it will dwarf anything seen recently in Greece.

While some may doubt that this can happen in America, I would warn that this thinking is devoid of reality and downright nave. Not only could it happen here, but the level of government intervention and government control of the citizenry should it happen here, could very well be widespread, aggressive and rights-destroying at a level not seen in the past. I have written about here and here the probability of Martial Law, and about the U.S. government’s plans to arrest and incarcerate, and hold without charge or trial, those not abiding by or adhering to unconstitutional government mandates. My belief and opinion is that if things get out of hand, and the citizenry practices any form of real dissent, that the government response will be aggressive and brutal. Don’t automatically put this aside, as not only is this scenario possible but probable considering the turmoil that is sure to come.

In Greece, the people have been protesting against spending cuts, when in fact the exact opposite should be the case. Not only do they seem to want the bailout cash (and apparently have now secured it), but they want it used to perpetuate the same spending and socialist programs that helped get them into so much economic trouble in the first place. They should not take any bailout money; money that only adds to debt, and instead should default and start anew. Of course this would be temporarily very harmful, but the alternative is much worse. The so-called u201Charsh austerity measuresu201D proposed by the Greek government should have happened long ago if the current bankruptcy was to be avoided. A dependent welfare society like that of Greece will have to have a change of ways, and a much more self-reliant attitude if they are going to survive economically; even if the recent bailout plans go forward. If however, the bailout of Greece is completed, what incentive will they have to curb spending in the future? And why would they, given that governments of other countries are willing to steal from their own citizens in order to bail them out? This sounds like a recipe for perpetual economic obsolescence to me!

The U.S. is currently in the same position, only it is a much larger problem than that of Greece. Who will bail out the U.S. when the trough runs dry? While the U.S. has massive debt, it is constantly adding fuel to the fire by continuing deficit spending, continuing unwarranted and expensive wars, and by adding new and expensive welfare schemes like Obamacare; schemes that can only exacerbate an already very tenuous economic predicament. The immediate consideration should be to demand that government implement very u201Charsh austerity measuresu201D here, effectively cutting spending at every level, and the people of this country should accept nothing less. Will this happen? I don’t think there is a chance in Hades that this proper response will occur, but without it things will continue to worsen.

Careful consideration by the American people is now mandatory if a non-violent and positive outcome to the impending economic downfall is expected. The first thing that Americans should demand is to abolish the Fed! This would stop the unending government money-pumping machine in its tracks! Given the recent Senate vote (62—37) against even auditing the Fed, ending it has now become much more difficult. The last thing Americans should consider is unprovoked violence, rioting, looting and uncontrolled mob behavior. This will only escalate the situation and guarantee the government force machine’s deployment of state thugs. The U.S. government has been and is currently preparing for just this type of situation, and has the plans and manpower to deploy those under state and federal government control; the National Guard, Reserves, local and state police and even active military combat squads attached to the Northern Command (see here), to respond to any civil unrest situation. This needs to be understood by those willing to stand up to the mighty State!

Dissent and non-violent revolt are proper ways to stand against a tyrannical government, but once those involved in any kind of dissent begin to practice unwarranted violence against their fellow man; rioting, destroying property and physically harming others, which has happened in Greece recently, then they have become that same monster which they desire to destroy. This has been a normal result of many revolutionary activities throughout history, but this kind of behavior simply negates any other legitimate action by the people.

Real and appropriate revolt should be leveled only toward an out-of-control government, and should only be advanced in a non-violent manner unless of course one’s life is in-excusably threatened or harmed by an act of aggression by the state. Then, and only then, would self-defense to protect one’s life and property become necessary and moral. With this approach, the citizenry will always be on the side of right, instead of being an enemy of the state or of the people at large. Regardless of the state’s position, the citizen who practices non-violent dissent and legitimate self-defense is practicing a proper method against tyranny.

As I have said many times, I don’t believe our economic and political dilemma will be solved by the use of the political process. In fact, I think our current political process a major part of the problem. While I wish I was wrong, I think it is far too late to expect such a complex problem to be solved politically; especially since political solutions most always fail and are normally corrupt and compromised. And given that self-reliance has all but disappeared in this country, and that today real and pure libertarian ideology is mostly absent (with the notable exception of the principled few, of course), why expect a u201Cpoliticalu201D fix? Look where that route has taken us so far! I think attitudes are slowly changing for the better, but much more popular support for freedom and free markets is necessary before the federal government will be forced to accept our terms. While I will remain cautiously optimistic, especially considering current public resistance, I think some sort of economic collapse or other major debacle will have to occur before enough Americans wake up and face the fact that our once beloved country is in the midst of total decline.

What will you do when the streets of America become filled with angry protestors bent on causing violent havoc and destruction? What will you do when mandatory curfews are put into place in your town? And what will you do when Martial Law is declared by this already corrupt and totalitarian government? What will you do when the response to an event such as this by u201Cyouru201D government is one of massive and violent force against normal citizens?

Waiting for a disaster to happen is not the answer. The time to act is now before a situation like that in Greece takes place. We have the ability to make this happen peacefully, but once riots are the rule of the day, it will be much more difficult to rein in this runaway federal government.

One of my neighbors approached me the other day and thanked me for writing and fighting for freedom. He said u201CThere are many more than you know who agree with you, but they are a silent majority.u201D My comment to him was: u201CIt is no longer a time to be silent; everyone should speak out against tyranny.u201D Will you remain passive and content, oblivious to the very real and dangerous situation at hand, while your life, liberty, and property are at stake, or will you speak out? I say enough is enough, and none of us should take it anymore!