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Cleansing is a great topic for spring. If you would like to be healthier or would like to lose weight, a cleanse would be a fabulous place to start. The purpose of cleansing is to help the body get rid of harmful toxins so that it runs more effectively and efficiently.

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The standard American diet is full of processed and refined foods plus fast foods that tend to overwhelm our bodies and clog not just our arteries, but our livers, colons, lymph systems and kidneys as well. Over the long run this kind of diet results in clogged tissues, suffocated cells, and loss of energy. Both over-consumption and reduced eliminative function will cause congestive disorders such as frequent colds and flu’s, arthritis, gout, allergies, cardiovascular disease, and more.

Cleansing is the antidote for the American diet. A clean body has more energy; it sleeps better, thinks more clearly, digests and assimilates food efficiently, looks better and has fewer health problems.

There are many different forms of cleansing. One of my favorites is an herbal cleanse that cleans all channels of elimination – kidneys, liver, lymph, blood, skin, colon and lungs. What is nice about this kind of cleanse is that it is relatively user friendly and it contains herbs that not only clean the body, but rebuild and strengthen it as well.

Herbal cleanses need to be taken with fiber and omega 3 oils. The fiber acts like both, a broom and a sponge and helps sweep out your insides. The omega 3 oils help soften and lubricate your insides to make them easier to clean.

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April 24, 2010