• Obama & Co. Want National Biometric ID

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    A bipartisan
    group of U.S. Senators is teaming up with the Obama administration
    to legalize illegal immigrants and require biometric national ID
    cards for every American worker, prompting a swift and bipartisan
    backlash across the nation.

    The proposal
    would unconstitutionally force nearly all Americans to obtain the
    new "tamper proof" Social Security cards while purporting
    to require that all employers purchase new $800 ID scanners. It
    would also provide a "path to citizenship" for the estimated
    12 million to 20 million illegal immigrants currently living in

    Led by Republican
    Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Democratic Senator
    Charles Schumer of New York, pro-amnesty and national ID legislators
    have already started the public relations campaign to build support
    for the "new and improved" version of "comprehensive
    immigration reform." In a column published by the Washington
    Post entitled "The
    right way to mend immigration
    ," the two architects provided
    a superficial glimpse at their agenda. And though the piece is lacking
    in details, it reveals a dangerous agenda that Americans must oppose
    in order to maintain freedom.

    "Our plan
    has four pillars: requiring biometric Social Security cards to ensure
    that illegal workers cannot get jobs; fulfilling and strengthening
    our commitments on border security and interior enforcement; creating
    a process for admitting temporary workers; and implementing a tough
    but fair path to legalization for those already here," wrote
    Graham and Schumer. "We would require all U.S. citizens and
    legal immigrants who want jobs to obtain a high-tech, fraud-proof
    Social Security card."

    The national
    ID cards would include a "unique biometric identifier,"
    according to Graham and Schumer. Some of the likely candidates include
    finger prints, retinal scans, or even the layout of a person’s
    veins in the top of their hand. Employers who refuse to "swipe
    the card" would face "stiff fines" and "prison
    sentences," the Senators noted. "Our blueprint also creates
    a rational system for admitting lower-skilled workers," they

    President Obama
    promptly signaled
    his approval and pledged to "act at the earliest possible opportunity."
    The White House released a statement noting that the President would
    do everything in his power to push the issue, and Obama called the
    Schumer-Graham proposal "a promising, bipartisan framework
    which can and should be the basis for moving forward."

    After the Democrat’s
    recent success in ramming through the wildly unpopular health care
    "reform," analysts suggested the "momentum"
    from that victory could help Obama and the Democrats in their efforts
    to pass a variety of legislation – including immigration "reform."
    And despite broad opposition by a majority of Americans, the agenda
    marches forward.

    But the proposals
    are already meeting fierce resistance from legislators, citizens
    and non-profit groups. "This so-called comprehensive immigration
    reform really means amnesty for the 10 to 20 million illegal immigrants
    in America today," explained Republican Representative Brian
    Bilbray of California, the chairman of the House Immigration Reform
    Caucus. "What part of the word ‘illegal’ doesn’t the president

    Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty sent out an e-mail to supporters
    vowing to battle the proposal as well, warning that it was a "statist’s
    dream" and that the immigration issue was being used as "cover"
    for an even bigger agenda.

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    8, 2010

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