Imploding America

The wild-eyed, in-and-out “Health Care” burger BO and his henchmen and women cooked up at yesterday’s spending and tax orgy on the Hill front-loads the freebies for the least productive parts of society and back-loads the trillions in new taxes, regulations, radical changes, and costly cuts for the more productive Americans.

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The vastly contorted garbage ingredients of this messy burger are such vast pies in the skies that no honest and intelligent person who has watched governments at work in the U.S. for a half-century or more believes a word of it until it happens. The non-partisan, judicious mock-up of the mess and the impossibility of containing the costs by the Concord Coalition is a good summary of where it is today. As the Coalition knows, no one knows where this burger mess will be tomorrow because it still has vast hurdles to jump and will have to make all kinds of new “miracle compromises” and payoffs to get to wherever they wind up.

Virginia seems definitely headed for state nullification or secession from this mess, beginning with a Supreme Court suit seeking freedom from its oppression. Other states will follow, probably in a coalition before long.

The mess relies on future Congresses and presidents and judges and state governments and doctors and lawyers and so on to actually enact its provisions and make them work in unspecifiable ways.

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Nancy Pelosi’s farcical waving her “really Big One” at the helpless little Demos, the Giant Gavel used to close Congressional voting on Medicare 1 nearly a half century ago, caught the spirit of the whole farcical event. LBJ was America’s biggest presidential liar before the Bush-Obama Junta. He promised solemnly that Medicare would be financially good for America. It was passed overwhelmingly with Republicans signing on. We are now staring into the Black Hole of national implosion with the help of soaring trillions in costs for that bag of lying insanity. Bush II’s Big Pharma Welfare Medicare Plan followed this standard operating plan of U.S. governments and has helped Medicare to bring us to this cliff of despair.

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This time the Republicans and Independents are in violent revolt against BO’s Medicare 3 and the states are revolting and we have no idea where the Supreme Court will weigh in or whether doctors or other crucial groups will revolt or finagle around the BO Burger. This time the bill is immense and vastly contorted and the nation is in the early stages of the Greatest Global Crisis in history and the U.S. is by honest accounting standards already de facto bankrupt many times over with about $100 trillion in accrued obligations in the decades ahead for whole financial system, Social Security, Medicare, and on and on….

Everything is against this BO Burger Plan working. He waged civil war and drove another great stake through the heart of the nation to save his Bill because not saving it would wound his puffed up vanity and threaten his soaring sense of Hubris. This is an obviously insane vanity bill intended to save BO and the Demos from reality.

This fight has lit the fires of revolt in the hearts of the American middle classes. It has made Obama and Pelosi and all their hacks objects of passionate hatred and ridicule in perpetuity in America. Have you ever seen anything more ludicrous than BO pontificating about saving America, as if he were Churchill rather than a two-bit con man saving his own vanity, and Pelosi waving her “really Big One” to threaten her cowering victims in Congress and the nation?

The American Global Empire will end not with a last hoorah or a whimper, but with a guffaw. BO is the Clown President who will ring down the curtain.