Ron Paul: The Fed Will Self Destruct When It Destroys the Dollar

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Congressman Ron Paul’s quest to bring down the Federal Reserve continues. In a CNBC interview this morning he reiterated again his firm position against the activities of the Federal Reserve being conducted in secret. Paul believes there are many questions which Fed legitimately needs to answer on its activities. He thinks the public should have the right to know how, when, and to whom the nation’s central bank lends its money.

According to Paul, whose basic premise in his fight against the Fed is Einstein’s “Don’t expect the people who caused a problem to solve it,” 75% of people want to see the Fed audited. “The Fed will self destruct when it destroys the dollar”, Paul said.

Last week a key House panel approved the Paul-Grayson Amendment by an overwhelming 43-26, giving watchdogs new authority to audit the Federal Reserve. Paul insists that accusation that proposal would politicize Fed is wrong.

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November 25, 2009