Questions That Must Be Asked

To this point in time the only evidence that has been presented concerning the terrible murders at Fort Hood has been that presented by accomplished liars and killers of innocent people: the government. To detail and list the lies of the government and its propaganda arm, known as the media, would take more time and space than is available. Need I say more than "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction," "Read my lips, no new taxes," "I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinski," "I am not a crook"; and "all our POWs are home." Web sites abound with documentation of the lies of the state, its leaders and component agencies. What more can be said about killers of the innocent than, Vicki Weaver (shot in the face by FBI agent Lon Horiuchi while holding her infant daughter), Samuel Weaver (14-year-old, shot in the back by US Marshals) and the 80 plus killed at Waco, including 32 children.

Seeing as how government testimony could be impeached in any court not operated and controlled by the state as originating from a pathological and habitual liar, we can assume we will never be privileged to the truth in this matter, but it would be informative to have the following questions answered; questions I am sure we will never hear asked by the MSM.

We know Hasan graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in biochemistry from the school’s Center for Applied Behavior Systems, most likely on the taxpayer’s dime. While at Virginia Tech did Hasan have any associations with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA); was he in any way associated with them since his graduation, if so, in what capacity? DARPA states on its website, "DARPA programs focus on high-risk research that will have payoffs that could provide dramatic advances in military capabilities." DARPA has been rumored to be associated with the MKULTRA program of mind control and Virginia Tech. Cathy O’Brien stated in her book, Trance-Formation of America that “Virginia Tech is good for two things, engineering and mind control.” and that “most of the east coast M.K. Ultra Mind Control experiments happened in this DARPA facility.”

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Another question that deserves an answer is, "Exactly what position did Major Hasan hold in the U.S. Army’s PSYOP community and how did that relate to his dealings with his patients? Also, what was Major Hasan’s position with the US Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress and how did this relate to his duties with the Army’s Warrior Combat Reset Program? Did Major Hasan’s assignment to Ft. Hood have anything to do with a program the Army initiated to "electronically prepare" soldiers for redeployment to Iraq and Afghanistan?

The number of suicides and murders seen in returning veterans is at an all time high. These numbers have been downplayed and underreported. Have there been any reports within the military dealing with what commanders feel could lead to an inability to continue to prosecute the wars? Recently a report was published stating a significant number of 17—24-year-olds to be unfit for military service. The lack of a qualified pool for entrance into the military will lead to a continuation of multiple redeployments that will lead to more and more suicides, murders and rapes among returning veterans. What steps are being taken to electronically or medically deal with these problems and what was Major Hasan’s role in these programs?

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The Department of Homeland Security contacted a Soviet company called Psychotechnology Research Institute in 2007 in its never-ending search to ferret out terrorist suspects. Ironically, this was the same company contacted by the FBI in an effort to assist with the siege at Waco, and was also the entity that was tasked with dealing with Russian soldiers suffering from PTSD upon their return from Afghanistan. The question must be asked, were any of the techniques now being employed by the US military, specifically by Major Hasan, acquired from this Soviet company? Was the software made by this company known as Semantic Stimuli Response Measurements Technology (SSRM Tek) a part of any treatment of American soldiers? It has been reported Russian soldiers being treated with this technology experienced not a remission of battle memories but instead an immersion in those memories which caused several of them to become very violent resulting in the deaths of over 30 of their fellow soldiers.

The great majority of information concerning mind control as a military tool and the cooperation of the Soviets with our military and its efforts at mind control are shrouded in secrecy.

Americans have a right to know what techniques and experiments are being used on their fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters who have, or will, experience the horrors of war.

The thought the government would not engage in such activity is preposterous. One need only look before and during the Vietnam War to see what mind control experiments were being conducted, many times against the will of the soldier involved. There is presently a lawsuit filed by attorney Gordon Erspamer in January in Federal District Court in San Francisco against the Army and CIA on behalf of Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) and six former soldiers who claim to be survivors of these experiments. Found here is the actual proof these experiments were conducted.

Are we to believe that somewhere between these mind control experiments on both civilians and soldiers, both then and now, the government has acquired a moral compass concerning what it will and will not do to those it considers to be nothing but indentured servants and guinea pigs? Americans can blindly accept the lies of government and continue providing their children to the monster, or begin to demand answers to questions like those posed above.

How long will we continue to compile evidence for Henry Kissinger’s claim that "Soldiers are just dumb, stupid animals, to be used as pawns of foreign policy?"