The U.S. Is Deploying Its Vietnam-Iraq Fig Leaf

I and many of my colleagues wrote massively about the U.S.’s colossal mistakes in invading Afghanistan, Pakistan and surrounding areas after 9/11. The U.S. officials clearly knew nothing significant about the vast central Asian world, especially Afghanistan. The very first massive attacks — annihilating from the air much of the urban infrastructure of Afghanistan — was a splendid way to lose the hearts and minds of the masses of the people and to allow the local guerilla and narco leaders to flourish. Aligning with the Northern League was a perfect way to betray Pakistan and the vast Pashtun population of Afghanistan-Pakistan. Bribing tribal and clan leaders to put the U.S. puppet, Karzai, in power was a perfect self-goal — self-defeat. Supporting his monstrous corruption and all the rest was a splendid way to drive the stakes of rage through the hearts of the people. The daily slaughter of women and children by Predators, A-10 Hellfires, F-16 bombs and all the rest was utterly stupendous in enraging the world against the U .S. I got very tired writing essays about how insane it was to slaughter Afghan and Pakistani women and children to win hearts and minds.

It has taken the guerilla forces about 8 years to get well organized, get good weapons, and be able to coordinate moves across wide areas very effectively. That’s roughly how long it took for them to do those things and blow away the vast, previously undefeated Soviet Red Army. Now it is all coming to fruition.

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The new U.S. commanders decided this summer to launch a new strategy of search, destroy and hold — very much one of the early strategies for U.S. defeat in Vietnam. That has proven disastrous in the South. And now the Karzai puppet regime is openly on display as a totally corrupt, narco regime stealing pseudo-elections along with everything else in sight.

So now the U.S. has decided to withdraw its forces from the vast countryside where almost all the people live and all the guerillas thrive and concentrate them in their bunkers in vast fortresses in the few cities and surrounding areas for air bases. And now all the chatter is about building up the Karzai forces to bring law and order, peace and prosperity to all the people to win their hearts and minds.

Breathes there a news person or political flak stupid enough to really believe that? No. They’ll pretend and go along with the Media Lies, but they don’t believe the Lies.

We’ve seen it all in the Fig Leaf Media Strategy the U.S. put in place in the last few years in Vietnam to foist the defeat off on their helpless and heartless and corrupt allies in the South and to provide a Fig Leaf of Media Lies to hide the U.S. defeat and retreat. The North Vietnamese let the U.S. huff and puff in the Media, then blew away all the Lies in a few months. The U.S. is still doing that old Media Strategy in Iraq right now and things are falling apart very fast. So now they’re using it in Afghanistan. The American Media hacks always go along with the Lies and pretend and many Americans prefer being dupes to losing, so why not?

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