What Should We Call the Economic Crisis?

What Shall We Call the Present Economic Crisis: A Contest

by Walter Block by Walter Block Recently by Walter Block: How I Offended the Diversitarians

Nomenclature first. Unless and until we know how to refer to the economic debacle of 2009, we cannot make much progress in solving it. We all know what to call the previous episode: The Great Depression. But, what about this present one?

If we do not get on record with a name, our friends on the left will steal a march on us. They will call it by some or all of these appellations:

The Great Struggle. The Capitalist Collapse. The Greed Depression. The Capitalist Depression. The Libertarian Depression. The Laissez Faire Depression.

So, we have to head them off. I would like to have a consensus on this matter, though. Therefore, we are going to have a bit of a contest. Readers of LewRockwell.com are asked to send in their votes. Everyone can get up to three votes: 3 points for your first choice, 2 points for your second choice, and 1 point for your third choice. Since I am expecting 100s of responses, please put your vote in the following format, for ease of compilation:

1. (3 points) Depression to End all Depressions.

2. (2 points) Fiat Money Depression.

3. (1 point) Great Depression II.

(These are just for example, to illustrate the format; do not be biased by these choices.)