The 60s: Assassinations, a School Shooting, and Nazi Gun Control

The 60s were a tumultuous time in America. There were the Vietnam War and its subsequent peace movement; the Kennedy assassinations; the Martin Luther King assassination, and the mass shooting at the University of Texas by Charles Whitman. The high-profile assassinations and the mass shooting prompted the government to lobby for stronger gun control, leading to the passage of the unconstitutional, NRA supported, 1968 Gun Control Act.

With the exception of the Vietnam War and its protest activity, all of the above events played into the hands of the state and its never-ending efforts to disarm private citizens. While the only common denominator in the University of Texas shooting involved the use of mind altering drugs by the shooter, the three assassinations were similar in accusations of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) involvement was alleged in each of them.

It was reported that President Lyndon Johnson was moved by the University shooting to move for stronger gun control; the facts of the case supported just the opposite. After Whitman killed his mother and wife by stabbing them to death, he went to the University Tower where his next victim, Edna Townsley, a receptionist, was butt-stroked with a rifle, which led to her death. Whitman had in essence killed three people before he pulled the trigger the first time.

When victims began to fall from shots fired by Whitman from the University Tower, several civilians secured weapons from their cars and began to return fire at Whitman along with police on the scene. The combined efforts of these civilians and the police forced Whitman to shoot from waterspouts, greatly limiting his ability to acquire additional targets. Had it not been for the deployment of private arms by civilians, the toll of lives lost and those wounded would have been much larger. Yet, the state used this tragedy to move for more draconian firearms possession limitations on private citizens.

Conspiracy theories abound concerning the assassinations of president John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. As mentioned above, the CIA is mentioned as possibly being involved in all three. We do know the CIA lied about aspects of the JFK assassination. Lies are usually told to hide the truth; what truth was the CIA covering up for 40 years, and why? Why did the CIA withhold evidence from the Warren Commission and defy court orders?

Did the CIA use their "controlled" sources in the media to demonize and ridicule any who found irregularities in the "Pablum" force-fed to the masses concerning the assassination? An April 1st 1967, CIA dispatch, declassified through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) in 1976, advised the CIA’s "assets" in the media on "Countering criticism of the Warren Report." These "assets" were instructed features and book revues to be "particularly appropriate" for this purpose. These controlled media sources were to "answer and refute" those critical of the state’s explanation of events by claiming "financial interests" and to allege they were "hasty and inaccurate in their research" and "infatuated with their own theories." These CIA stooges in the media were instructed to emphasize in their reporting, "no new significant evidence has emerged," and there was no consistency of thought among the critics. Critics were to be discredited by claiming they were "wedded to theories before all the evidence was in." Also used was the claim consistently heard about all possible conspiracies involving the state: "Conspiracy on such a large scale would be impossible to conceal."

The FBI, Secret Service, and the Dallas Police Department withheld evidence from the Warren Commission. As the commission had no investigators of its own, and depended entirely on the above-mentioned agencies for evidence, the credibility of the report must be questioned.

If questioning the veracity of the state’s official report on the JFK assassination and the withholding and suppression of evidence by those tasked with pursuing the truth makes me a "conspiracy nut," pass the tinfoil.

Credible allegations of CIA involvement in the Robert Kennedy assassination can be found here. Please note CIA Agent George Joannides’s alleged involvement in both the Kennedy’s assassinations.

Allegations of CIA and other state agency’s involvement in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. have been made by aides and members of the King family. Coretta Scott King said, “There is abundant evidence of a major high level conspiracy in the assassination of my husband…" Dexter King, son of Martin Luther King Jr., who met with James Earl Ray before his death and stated he believed Ray did not kill his father, also stated his father was assassinated “because he challenged the establishment.” Dexter King also referred to the official investigation and findings as “the most incredible cover-up of the century.”

Martin Luther King Jr. had been under surveillance by the FBI, CIA and Army Intelligence for an extended period of time before his assassination because he supposedly represented a threat to national security. His phones were tapped, he was under continual surveillance, his rooms were bugged and his followers infiltrated. Yet, he was assassinated in plain sight and none of the above agencies had a clue as to the plans or movements of the assassin.

The FBI was assigned the task of investigating the assassination of the man they considered a threat to national security and a subject of their "dirty tricks" associated with COINTEL-PRO activities.

Author Alex Constantine, in his work, Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America, has exhaustively documented the CIA’s influence in the media through Operation Mockingbird. When a government agency has the ability to control the content of information disseminated to the masses, is that not a form of mind control?

The state used all of the above highly questionable events to propose and pass the 1968 Gun Control Act. The wording of this piece of legislation was taken almost word for word from the 1938 Nazi Gun Control Act. The 1968 GCA is not the state’s only connection with Nazi programs. How many are familiar with the CIA’s connection with Nazi war criminals?

Let me see now; The 1968 Gun Control Act is a re-do of the 1938 Nazi Gun Control Act; The CIA had a Nazi war criminal connection from its very inception; The CIA is alleged to have involvement in several high-profile assassinations in America; The CIA uses its rented mules (Operation Mockingbird) in the mainstream media (MSM) to demonize and marginalize anyone who seeks to investigate the irregularities in the state-issued reports of these assassinations and other possible covert actions; Our form of government has morphed from a republic to in-your-face fascism, and anyone who believes there is a connection between the state and mass shootings is a conspiracy nut!

When the only alternative Boobus utilizes in his search for truth is text messaging, a six-pack and American Idol, what chance is there he would even recognize the truth, or for that matter, even care?