Maybe Someone Switched Babies Presidents!

Are no more than a few citizens noticing this problem; this very odd and very dangerous problem? Even Fox News, with the exception of the wise and wonderful Glenn Beck, too often acts as though all is well, and too often fails to ask the right questions. Well, all is NOT well, it is time to stop ignoring some serious issues.

Decisions coming out of the Oval Office are increasingly…foolhardy, if not outright Treasonous. Yes, sometime between election promises, and the inauguration, someone must have switched the presidential candidate with an imposter — an imposter who comes across as lacking the skills needed to lead a small elementary school! We may very well be reliving the movie, Davegone bad!

Think about it. The other president swore to reduce taxes for 95% of the wage earners but this guy has done away with workers’ JOBS, not their taxes. Are the people faring better? Not at all. They are standing in lines at the unemployment offices, collecting checks that will barely keep a family alive, let alone pay for mortgages or buy a new car when the old one breaks now. This promise amounts to Bait & Switch, as do most of the others, as well.

The other president promised that he would take intelligent steps to stimulate the economy and get the United States back on firm ground. Those promises filled my dreams with visions of sugarplums, money in the bank, and…

  • "CLOSED" signs on all Federal Reserve buildings
  • Massive reductions — to skeleton crews — at every level of government, federal and state
  • State and national forests sold back to citizens who really should own that land — and should not have to bid against the DNR and other government officials at land auctions (to bid — with their bottomless coffers — taxpayer monies and printing presses — against We the People)
  • Closure of the redundant and failure-creating Departments of Educations, both at the federal and state levels
  • Consolidation of congressional districts to save money and prevent the chaos-without-end that comes from a "committee" of 535. It is no wonder that illogical and downright unconstitutional laws come out of that group. I believe that 50 Senators and 100 Representatives would accomplish much more in not only adhering precisely to the Constitution, but in serving as watchdogs on each other
  • Selling the post office buildings, trucks, and equipment to the highest private bidder; selling other ineffective government services to private individuals, as well
  • Closure of wasteful education entities like Intermediate School Districts and Area Education Agencies. Local citizens can more efficiently run their local schools and educate their local children more effectively. No Federal Fads; no further unconstitutional Federal involvement needed, thank you very much
  • End all wars and bring all military personnel and equipment back to American soil — to protect OUR border
  • End all welfare for able-bodied adults, and notify welfare recipients that they are now entitled to financially support their own children, no matter their ages. I had to go back to work when my son was 8 weeks old — but welfare mothers were allowed to stay home with their new babies until the children were 2 years old!!
  • End all SSI benefits for children!! It is sheer idiocy to think that a handicap is keeping a child out of the work force from Birth until 21 years of age! Taxpayers are being taken for a ride with the SSI farce!

I could continue as I do have more thoughts on how to shrink and tighten up the government; of ways to provide necessary services at less expense and with more efficiency. However, this president appears to have no interest in advice, even constitutional advice, so what would he do with mine. (Never mind. I can guess…)

That candidate assured the nation that he was a US citizen, thus eligible to become president of the United States. However, this Barry-guy has hired entire law firms to fight off all attempts by citizens to gain access to his birth and school records. He must really, really fear that We the People will learn the truth.

What actually is the Truth? I have read extensively and believe that I have a plausible, and quite probable, sequence in mind. Consider this scenario… When the airlines discovered that Obama-Mama was obviously ready to go into labor at any moment, the decision was made that she would not be allowed to travel from Kenya to Hawaii. Mama-Stanley had no option but to birth her son in Kenya (and so a British and a Kenyan citizen), just as his grandmother has firmly stated. Once the baby was on her, rather than in her, Mama-Stanley rushed to Hawaii to file his coming as a "homebirth." Hawaii officials, lacking verification from any health professional in attendance at the birth, simply issued a certification confirming that: An Office Official had noted a live child that was born…somewhere on Earth.

The story very probably went from bad to worse following the compromised birth certificate. Mama later married an Indonesian and this president became an Indonesian citizen. He attended Muslim schools, which only Muslims are allowed to attend. (Hint. Hint!! Be alert to his underlying loyalties.) Since there appears to be no record of any naturalization process (as if that would make him eligible to become president…which it would not); no proof of Barry being born in America; nothing to authorize him to run for the presidency of the United States…this president appears to be an international fraud, traveling in and out of countries, especially this one, carrying no proof of being a natural born, American citizen; no full-form legal (i.e. un-forged; un-doctored; HIDDEN) birth certificate; and carrying a fraudulent American passport. Ah, what "face recognition" can achieve for a person…or at least hide! Or would this be along the lines of…a lie told enough times, with enough lawyers standing at the ready, may get crammed down the throats of an entire nation.

Additional problems caused by switching babies presidents, and by lies regarding Barry’s eligibility, greatly complicate the consequences — intended or unintended — of his …solutions… to current problems and may very well set the stage for more dangerous and destructive future problems for America.

Why is it so difficult for Americans to understand and fight against the wool that is being pulled over the eyes of the entire world? Why are so few Americans able to see with clarity? Why are so few voters willing to speak the truth? And why are they reluctant to insist that Barry do the same? I, of course, hold an opinion on this situation, as well.

The public schools have mis-educated too many generations so that our country is now made up of millions of illiterates, and of millions of citizens who just have no idea how to THINK! Additionally, the teaching of Civics has been removed from so many schools; pride in America greatly disparaged; and so… 51% of the voting public cannot even recognize a fraud, a failure, a socialist/communist. Many, when told that Barry is not even an American citizen, believe that a majority vote can make anything and everything "OK."

Barry, himself, is undereducated yet displays an offensive and unearned arrogance. He shows a deep lack of respect, not only for America as a country, but for the people of America. Consider the way that this president publically demeaned children who qualify for the Special Olympics. I, for one, believe that those wonderful children have more skills in making decisions that this president.

Dr. Reuven Feuerstein was faced with the task of educating children from the concentration camps upon their arrival in Israel. (I have much respect for this man because of his contributions to some of my most successful teaching strategies and techniques.) The children who Dr. Feuerstein taught had had no opportunities to learn about life concepts, vocabulary, stories, and nursery rhymes, neither from their families nor from any schooling. In working with these children, Dr. Feuerstein learned that even very limited children are capable of making judgements and decisions, especially when pondering something that benefits them personally. He presented this example: Even children with severe mental deficiencies, when presented with a plate holding slices of cake, of varying sizes, the children will invariably choose the largest piece (as would almost all of us). Such decisions call for judgement.

I have observed that this president has shown a definite lack good judgement (64 bad decisions in 60 days?). Where are his skills in drawing conclusions? In making wise decisions? In knowing Right from Wrong? He appears to be more mentally limited than the children at whom he laughs. I have concluded that Barry’s judgement is compromised; retarded; or missing completely.

I believe that if most special education children, even those of minimal abilities, were asked whether they would get needed money faster if the money were 1) handed directly to the child, or 2) given to a bank — the children would understand that they could only buy something if the money were put right into their own hands. Even a child realizes that money moves by being saved or spent, but never trickles down from on High into the lowly pockets of those who would purchase. This president does not understand that concept.

Yes, someone switched — or pulled — something on us and now America is rapidly becoming a country where I no longer feel safe. I feel that we have an unethical, ineligible, pseudo leader who lacks the common sense of a simple child.

As far as I am concerned, this foolhardy, naked emperor is not my president. I, for one, am willing to point out the barrenness of, not only his closet, but also of his soul. I am willing to voice my complaints in hopes of educating others. I hope that many others decide to join me. Do not fear standing up to a bully with an agenda to destroy America. Remember those same guys from our school years. Quickly turn around and shout, "NO!" Remember how so many of this melted, just like the wicked witch? Think about it. It is either him and his Global marching orders…or us with our Constitution.

If we huddle in fear…eventually we will huddle in hovels.