The Road Goes On Forever and the Party Never Ends


Yesterday, while reading the story about Illinois governor Blagojevich, a central question went through my head. I am sure it was not the question most of Boobus Americanus was asking: Who were the people he was offering to sell the vacant U.S. Senate seat to? Instead, I was wondering whom in the criminal enterprise we call government had he crossed? After all, political offices within our government have been bought, sold, stolen, influenced and tampered with since before the word democracy was first uttered. Need I mention the 2000 and 2004 elections, electronic voting machines, hanging chads and the dictates of the Supreme Court?

While the New York Times referred to the story using words such as corruption and scandal, those of us who realize the only "change" this country secured in the recent presidential election was a change in the skin pigmentation of the tyrant in charge, knew instinctively that the good governor must have really upset someone in power, for corruption and scandal goes to the very core of our government. Corruption and scandal are as prevalent in this government as forward passes and fumbles are in football.

Considering the governor was recorded by those wonderful crime-fighting folks at the FBI bantering about his "golden" egg with advisors, one must wonder who tipped them off? Of course the FBI is as pure as the driven snow and has never been accused of any wrongdoing, violating civil rights, withholding or lying about evidence, or taking the innocent lives of those whom they are sworn to protect, so we know everything about their investigation would be above reproach. Randy Weaver and the remnants of the Branch Davidians can tell you about how they "protect and serve."

So, if we have the crooked and corrupt outing the crooked and corrupt, who stood to gain by the revelation to Boobus that one of the criminals was acting in a criminal manner?

Politics and politicians in this country have been tied to criminal gangs since the days of Tammany Hall; in fact, most of the politicians of that era were members of the criminal gangs in the Five Points area of New York City and used the gang structure to insure their elections and the elections of other criminals. There is little to no difference today, so, why, and by whom, is Blagojevich being exposed for what to those in government is business as usual?

The governor has taken a pee in someone’s cornflakes; it will be interesting as we learn who and why.

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