What Rough Beast...


The October Revolution of 2008 will prove to be at least as consequential as the one that occurred in Russia in 1917.

Beginning immediately after 9-11, George W. Bush and the cabal he represents began the controlled implosion of the hollowed-out shell of our once-sturdy republic. Last week the final phase of that demolition project got underway.

By using monetary inflation as a sapping device, the FED is knocking down the few federalist pillars that, at least in theory, separated the various layers of government. It is also preparing to nationalize key segments of the commercial economy. All of this is being done through the FED’s New Deal era “emergency powers” to extend “credit” to any entity it chooses, whether governmental, commercial, or “public-private partnership.”

The revolution of 1913—1933, which inflicted the Federal Reserve, income tax, and the New Deal apparatus upon the United States, left us with a system Mussolini described as a “corporate state,” more commonly known as Fascism.

Admittedly, the American version was milder than most, at least domestically. The Revolution of 2008 is consolidating the elements of that system into a monolithic, unitary State of the sort Lenin and his heirs would applaud, were they not busy suffering for eternity in hell.

The creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 was a partial enactment of the fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto, which called for creation of “a national bank with State capital”; last week, with the creation of a de facto economic dictatorship under the Secretary of the Treasury, Congress implemented the other key element of that plank, “centralization of credit in the hands of the state.”

Approval of the new economic dictatorship was the irreducible purpose of the so-called Economic Stabilization Act, which — true to the measure’s pedigree of grandly named government interventions — summarily failed to stabilize the economy.

The $700 billion disbursed by the bill was a trifle, in light of the magnitude of the debt flood to be “bailed out” and the ability of the FED to create what it’s pleased to call “money” in any amount it chooses. But that relatively trivial amount was enough to create a constituency for the bill not only on Wall Street, but also in statehouses, city halls, and wherever else the Horseleach’s Daughters convene.

With both the corporatist and political elements of the parasite class enlisted to support the revolution, all that remained was to neutralize the productive class — the common people, who found ourselves on the bad end of what the reliably perceptive Chris Floyd calls “one of the largest single redistributions of wealth since the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia in 1917.”

Unanimity is, almost without exception, a bad thing in politics. The near-unanimity of the electorate in rejecting the Wall Street “bailout” measure is one of those incalculably precious exceptions. In the teeth of this near-unanimity, Congress — led by the Senate, supposedly the more deliberative chamber — took the rejected bill, an austere 3-page Enabling Act for the economic dictatorship, plumped it up with several hundred pages of bureaucratic boilerplate and undisguised pork, and passed it four days later.

Bribing a Congressman is generally about as challenging as seducing Catherine the Great. Getting the institution to surrender its institutional control over the public purse was a bit more difficult. Some Congressmen — well, at least one, perhaps two or three others — recalled their duty to their constituents, as well as their constitutional mandate to control the public purse, and held fast. Many others opposed the Enabling Act/Plutocrat Bailout because of simple terror over the prospect of immediate unemployment.

But in this case, bribery was coupled with undisguised official terrorism — the use or threatened use of violence to achieve a radical change in the political system.

As Brad Sherman, a Democratic Congressman from California, testified in a remarkable address on the House Floor — an address the likes of which will soon be punishable as sedition — that representatives of the Regime candidly informed recalcitrant congressmen that refusal to pass the Enabling Act would result in nothing less than “martial law in America.”