Barack's Monstrous Itch

by Dario McDarby by Dario McDarby


"Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders." ~ Hermann Goering, President of the Reichstag, Nazi Party, and Luftwaffe Commander in Chief

"A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar." ~ H. L. Mencken

July 2, 2008, Barack Obama spoke in Colorado Springs, CO: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Like all democrats, BO has, in the words of the great anti-democrat, Albert Jay Nock, "a monstrous itch for changing people." Mobilizing masses of disaffected youths into paramilitary units like those in fascist Italy and national-socialist Germany is a hallmark of all great democrats like Hitler and Mussolini.

An unseasonable chill should have spread through in the old bones of America after Barack spoke. Nothing much happened. Only the usual pro-liberty suspects complained. Few others seemed to notice. The Mob didn't seem to hear the rattling of slaves' chains in Barack's promise. If they did, they didn't care.

BO sends us two messages: one, our military is unreliable; two, we need to replicate this unreliable creature in the domestic arena. Being a civilian national security force it will, of course, be totally "volunteer."

Democratic militaries are by nature unreliable. They have as their means "total war" to the end of total and unconditional defeat. Its consequent goals are subjugation, dominance, and annihilation. Yes, creating such a beast in the domestic arena makes good sense to the democratic total Statist.

And, by the way Barack, just what are your "national security objectives'? Who internally will be the enemy of your domestic total war? Who to subjugate? Who to dominate? Who to annihilate?

Why waste your words and political antics on a charade? We have all been subjugated and dominated by the Modern Total State. It is and has been, especially since 1913, annihilating our liberties and property rights.

But we must consider this: we have a 500,000-man military force that eats up between 10 and 20 percent of government spending for a total of more than $440 BILLION of the total budget. Consider, too, that EVERY LAST PENNY of the money is expropriated by the State from producers with the threat of force against them if they are uncooperative. Also, the military is, to a man, unproductive. They produce NOTHING.

BO wants to duplicate a 500,000-man force at $440 billion that produces nothing other than fear within the national borders over the supposed enemies of the paranoid State. And, of course, you and I will pay up or else. Thank you, Barack, for this new duty and privilege of being an American in chains.

BO made this pledge along with promises to increase the size of the "Peace Corps," the combined US military forces, and "Americorps," Bill Clinton's contribution to the State's ultimate conquest of voluntary charity. For us tightwads, the mere mention of all these inspires images of our phony paper dollars, that fiat origami of the Federal Reserve, flying through the political ether.

Nevertheless, the knee-britches brigade howls its approval of these and all other praetorian methods of internal control. "Finally something will be done!" Sans-culottism runs deeply through the national collective psyche. The Mob sniffs blood in the air and the man who is Hope, this newer version of anti-Christ, will give it to them good and hard.

His itching promises us a dreadful scenario. This monstrosity will become the US version of anti-liberty, Statist movements that were not limited solely to Europe, but are a hallmark of despots throughout the world.

We know too well the democratically elected saviors in Italy and Germany of the 20th century. Mussolini prior to his election to parliament used the fascist Blackshirts to battle the evil communists, socialists, and anarchists in the streets. The Blackshirts were anterior to Mussolini's power, but he used the disaffected to benefit the State. Adolph Hitler's Brownshirts, too, were a paramilitary force anterior to his election, democratically, to a position of authority. The Brownshirts also battled their enemies. Interestingly, the enemies of both were ideologically similar aspects of The Mob, whether commie, socialist, fascist or national-socialist. Though they would never admit their similarities, they merely battled separate tendencies of themselves.

Tyranny is color-blind and offers equal opportunity to the despot because it is egalitarian. What all tyrants share is their penchant for using disaffected youth, those who live in the here-and-now, whose social time preference is high and who lack even the rudiments for creating a successful future. These are the goose-stepping gossoons who see all dictators as messiahs. And lest we forget, BO and his nattering groupies continually pester us with the notion that he is Hope personified.

Whether prior to election, or after, the disaffected become useful idiots in the demagogue's capture of power. While BO, if elected, most likely won't become dictator for life, he will continue the American legacy of democratic despotism by building structures that destroy property and liberty. Our democratic despotism is more genteel than the despotism of the Nazis, commies, and fascists. But it is despotism none-the-less.

Unlike the military which is forbidden to be the private army of the commander-in-chief, no such proscription weighs against this frightening paramilitary concoction from the fevered mind of our aspiring despot. For such an army would be used to fight the good fight for noble causes and against the known evils of the world such as oilmen, windfall profits, "excessive" profits in general, middle-aged white men who still smoke, obesity and restaurants using "trans-fats," traditional Catholics, orthodox Jews, fundamentalists, counter-revolutionary academics in public universities, black conservatives, AIDS, poverty, capitalism, and the two odious bogeymen – God, the Father; and the free market.

Who but the "enemy" would argue against such a magnificent thing used so nobly? Remember: If we're to make an omelet we must break some eggs!

And, of course, it's all in the interest of national security! Remember, Barack, the aspiring messiah is Hope! Hope makes us all secure. Security is our collective sigh of relief, even though our liberties gurgle down the State's unholy toilet.

Critics will scoff and say that we are a freedom loving people somehow resistant to tyranny because of a piece of easily crumpled and discarded paper called the constitution. Don't forget that easily crumpled piece of paper called the constitution was manufactured after the Articles of Confederation were easily crumpled in 1789 in our first coup d'tat. In America, paper is easily manufactured, just ask the Fed.

The point to those who love liberty is chilling and clear. Grim times are ahead for us when this "volunteer" civilian national security force metastasizes into another huge, unconstitutional, and liberty-destroying internal police force. The useless among us will have new jobs and new status while the rest of us will pay in more ways than one.

The monstrous itch always leads to the salve of equality; that is, more leveling laws, rules, regulations to twist the individual into the proper configuration of a person permissible to the State and its various agencies and bureaus. But the true salve is never in the political ointment. The salve is always, always in liberty.

As the late, great Dr. Erik Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn wrote, in Liberty or Equality: "Equality…presupposes the continuous intervention of force which, as a principle, is opposed to freedom." There's that damnable itching again!!

Kuehnelt-Leddihn reminds us of the universal truth that "liberty and equality are in essence contradictory." We are NOT free AND equal. We are either free or equal. The former is liberty and a free society, the latter is slavery and the Total State, with its infestation of fleas.

No matter which monster wins this November, get ready for another infestation of fleas and a whole lot of itching!