Change vs. Victory


In the next few months the Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World style dash to seek the pot of POTUS under the Big W, the two remaining contestants shall be spewing forth two themes: change and victory.

Wow, either one sounds great don’t they?

But are they really? Haven’t we heard these broken record promises from candidates to be America’s Next Top Dictator before… like every time there’s an election?

You betcha. Politics has never been tainted by any fair play or noble purposes. Phew, what a relief huh? Who can fool the most people most of the time is the name of the game.

Anyway, as I said here in America we have the choice between change and victory, Obama or McCain.

Let’s take a look at both change and victory starting with Barack Obama and change.

You know what? Change sounds good but it never guarantees anything… especially change. As a rule even if there is change, what we usually get is change for the worse. Under George W. Bush we’ve had seven and a half years of change. We changed from a country with a noble constitution to one with "just a goddamned piece of paper." We’ve changed from a country which stood up for human rights to one that tortures people for fun and profit. We’ve changed from a country where there was hope and opportunity with a strong middle class to one with little hope and the middle class is being crushed in favor of the elite. We’ve changed from a republic to a "unitary executive" Democratic Dictatorship. We’ve changed from a democracy to a media-powered corporotocracy.

Okay, to be fair to Dubya, all this change has been brewing in the pot for some time. Dubya’s just kicked it up a notch.

I’ve had enough of change. What we really need is restoration.

Restoration is not really a novel idea. We had an excellent restoration candidate in Ron Paul. Alas… the voices of reason are seldom heard. Are you listening Mr. Obama? Restoration is your mandate should you become the next POTUS. I would suggest a good read of Dr. Ron Paul’s book The Revolution: A Manifesto. It might be prudent to listen for a change.

I could go on and on as I dream about lollypops and rainbows, but basically, the US needs to be restored to that entity Thomas Jefferson, et al., created. No more talk of change please.

So what about victory and George W. McCain? Uh, I’m sorry, I mean John McCain. You know, it’s mighty hard to tell Bush and McCain apart sometimes. Everybody loves a delusional winner!

Well… What the hell is McCain talking about when he speaks of victory? Anyone with half a pig’s ear on the tracks of the Confused Talk Express knows that John McCain doesn’t have a clue… about anything! Has his brain turned to mush or Swiss cheese already? Has he been skipping his folic acid intake? Is he over-medicated or just senile?

Whatever the case let me explain something. The U.S. has already achieved victory in Iraq! Yes sir we done kicked ass, now let’s go home and watch Dancing With the Stars.

What actually was the big idea behind the invasion… uh… excuse me, "liberation" of Iraq? Beats me. Dubya never really explained it. Was it to save the world from the evil dictator Saddam Hussein and his WMD? Since there were no WMD, maybe Little George just wanted to upstage Big George. Okay, mission accomplished. Saddam is dead and Little George has left a bigger mark on history than Big George. Let’s go home. Dubya has victory.

Maybe I’m wrong. Was the idea to "liberate" the Iraqi people? Hm… wasn’t that the excuse they drummed up after they couldn’t find any WMD? Okay, they’re liberated. Over 1.2 million Iraqis have been liberated permanently. They’re dead. Four million more Iraqis are liberated from their homes and the rest are liberated from any pretense of a normal existence. I think there’s been more than enough "liberation" because of Dubya’s desire to play war president with his pile of toy soldiers. Speaking of which, over 4,000 US troops are dead, while the number of walking mutilated is beyond counting. Declare victory! Let’s go home before any more souls are liberated!

Or was the whole idea to destroy the whole infrastructure of Iraq and provide Israel with a huge buffer zone? Well Saddam ain’t gonna launch any Scud missiles at Tel Aviv now. In fact nobody in Iraq has that capacity anymore. You guessed it… Victory!

Besides, the Israelis are big boys now. I think they can take care of themselves. Time and again, history has proven this to be true. The US doesn’t need to fight their wars for them or pump billions of borrowed dollars from China, into the IDF. Israel is more economically stable than the US. They should be sending the US financial aid! Isn’t that what "friends" are for?

Or… surprise, surprise, was the invasion of Iraq was all about stealing Iraqi oil? Now the Big Four oil companies, Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Exxon-Mobil and Total, formerly ensconced in Iraq by the British Mandate only to be kicked out by Saddam Hussein get to go back. Isn’t that victory? I’d say it’s pretty safe to say this was a resource war of conquest. Fire up that Chevy Nova Bruce! We’re goin’ street racing tonight!

Today, there is no war in Iraq. There is only an illegal US occupation that the US cannot afford, economically or morally. But oil barons Dubya and Dick, "war hero" McCain plus the Big Four oil companies got the Iraqi black gold! Too bad the Iraqis don’t want us hanging around… or stealing their oil. Because it sure seems like we’re staying… for one hundred years maybe. Victory! But it’s not going to be pretty… as if it ever was.

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