An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh: The Enemy of My Enemy


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I couldn’t agree with you more. A John McCain nomination spells the end of the Republican party.

What is it that’s turned the modern-day Republican party into a horde of lemmings headed for the cliff? McCain is the original Democrat in Republican’s clothing, and has the wrong answer for nearly every plank in the party platform. He helped prevent George W.’s judicial nominations, tried to give amnesty to illegal immigrants, and has done more damage to free speech than any presidential candidate since Lincoln. McCain sees no problem turning to war as a first resort, rather than last.

It would be different if there was a point to it. If the Republican party was nominating a person who didn’t fit the mold of the party, but who could still win the White House, then maybe the risk would be worth it. However, when seventy percent of the country is upset with the current administration and wants the troops to come home, there’s little chance that a “Bush third term” is going to win against the Clinton machine. The very first attack ad would be to quote McCain’s “let’s stay in Iraq for another hundred years” line, followed by “do the American people really want this kind of warmonger in the Oval Office?” Hillary would beat McCain in a landslide of Reaganesque proportions.

I started listening to you during the Clinton years. I remember your guest-host appearance of (I think) the Pat Sajak show, where you had to film a fake ending to get the hecklers to leave, and then shot another ending with an empty studio. I admired you then, because you seemed like a voice in the wilderness – one of a very few people willing to speak out.

You need to be the voice in the wilderness again.

There’s only one thing standing between John McCain and the nomination – and a Hillary presidency – and that’s a brokered convention. Without a lock on the nomination, the party gains a few more months to cool off, examine their priorities, rethink the election. In a convention, the delegates become a captive audience, forced to listen to a voice of reason. Hopefully, someone besides John McCain can come out of the convention on top.

The only way to force a brokered convention…is to advise your audience to support Ron Paul. Yes, it just might be the ultimate in “lesser of two evils” voting. But, there are likely only one or two issues where you and he really disagree, and he has to be closer to your opinions than any of the other candidates.

Many voters don’t make up their minds before the last minute. Most of your listeners will pay attention to what you have to say. There is just enough time between now and “Super Duper Tuesday” to get their attention…and shove the nomination into the Convention.

You – and quite possibly you alone – have the power to save the Republican party from itself, and save the nation from another Clinton administration.

February 2, 2008