What a Bunch of Idiots


I am never disappointed in the unadulterated stupidity of our "elected" officials.

If you will recall all the way back to November of 2006 the United States held an election. It made all the papers. The People spoke more clearly than ever in voting in a Democratic congress with a clear mandate to end the war in Iraq and get out.

Congress being what it is, this mandate was simply brushed aside with all the relevance of last week’s bucket of fish heads.

Let me put this as plain as possible. The United States Congress wants war… with Iran. Emulating the Bush/Cheney democratic double dictatorship, AIPAC and all the little Neocon weevils infesting our golden fields of grain, congress prefers to shoot first and think later… if at all.

Nothing you or I can do will stop it. We are all statistical hanging chads in the minds of our "elected officials."

Well congress has just crossed the Rubicon… again.

On Wednesday, September 26, 2007 by a vote of 76 to 22 the Senate approved a resolution known as the Lieberman-Kyl Amendment urging the Bush administration to declare Iran’s Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force a "terrorist organization." This resolution frees congress from any accountability in the next step toward Armageddon. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards may not be our best friends, but they are not terrorists either.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. Diplomacy be damned. A green light to push the red button is exactly what Bush and Cheney have wanted for some time. The only thing holding it up has been the manipulation of public opinion. It takes time to demonize Mahmoud Ahmadinejad into the next Saddam. Fortunately for Bush/Cheney, Mahmoud has been making it easy.

Well now they have it.

This Senate resolution amounts to nothing more than Congressional approval for our Decider in Chief to bomb the hell out of Iran. This of course will necessitate a follow up of "peacekeeping forces" to maintain law and order in the destroyed infrastructure on the streets of Tehran. Oh yes… they’ll need to spread more "democracy" like as in Iraq as well.

It also opens the door wider for the Executive Branch to label any disobedient faction a "terrorist organization" as a prelude to illegal invasion without any congressional approval at all… not that that was ever an obstacle. Oppose the U.S. imperial agenda, get branded a "terrorist organization" and face the music of obliteration.

Your little pathetic rogue state claims the U.S. cannot win wars? All too true. But they sure as hell can destroy whoever stands in their way. Best to toe the line.

And just who is going to "keep the peace" after the destruction of Iran? Who shall provide the liberation from another regime change at the barrel of an Abrams tank?

The U.S. Military? The National Guard? Oh sure, they’ve done an exemplary job in Iraq. All we need is to up their tours of duty a bit. Twelve months to fifteen months was insufficient. How about a nice round figure of twenty-four months to win hearts and minds? Better make sure each and every U.S. soldier gets a month R&R and psychological therapy in between tours. We must support the troops… at all costs.

But the U.S. will need a few more than the 160,000 troops currently deployed in Iraq. Those lucky freedom fighters ain’t going nowhere fast. The answer is easy. Blackwater hasn’t been kicked out of Iran yet even though they are unlikely to ever leave Iraq where they have been kicked out. Send Blackwater in. Bush had better ask for another $200 billion to pay for it. That should be easy. The congressional rubber stamp is ready and waiting… as always.

And when all else fails… as it surely will… The U.S. can institute mandatory conscription. But whatever they do… it cannot be called a "draft." That’s too medieval! I like: "Compulsory Democratic Liberation Volunteering." It’s a much better iSlogan.

What’s going to pay for the next U.S. Imperial Adventure? Iranian oil? Don’t make me laugh. Once the Revolutionary Guard is disbanded… for being a "terrorist organization" and out of work, they’ll have nothing better to do than… uh… become "terrorists" and take pot shots at anyone and everyone… particularly if they have a U.S. Flag flying from their Standards. That Iranian oil won’t flow into U.S pocketbooks any faster than the Iraqi oil.

So that means Bush, Cheney and their Congress of Fools will do what they always do… take out another mortgage on our country. Just how long do they think the sub-prime US borrower can defer payments before China forecloses? Best to brush up on your Mandarin. At least enroll your kids in Chinese language lessons. They’ll need the skill while they sneak into Shanghai illegally to wash dishes, dig coal, work in the rice paddies all day and do basic housekeeping chores in order to pay for your twenty-four hour hospice care.

Oh, and let us not forget the other recent big Senatorial blunder (I know, there have been too many to count). In a "non-binding" resolution (that gets them off the hook on this one too) the Senate voted 75-23 to carve up Iraq into Sunni, Shi’ite and Kurdish regions. It reminds one of the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement. Once again the West has decided it has the power and right to hack up the Middle East as it sees fit. What, the Iraqis can’t do this themselves? It seems they’ve been making this decision despite the U.S. occupation for some time. So why do they need our approval or help?

Let’s try to ignore the fact that Iran will probably rush in and take over the Shi’ite region. In other words… the Lieberman-Kyl Amendment fits in nicely. Turkey will capture Kurdistan under the guise of defeating their pet "terrorist organization" the Kurdistan Worker’s Party, PKK, another desperate group defending their homeland from a stronger oppressor. What both Iran and Turkey really want is our oil… er… I mean Iraq’s oil.

Only God can imagine what the fate of the poor Sunni region will be, an extended Saudi Arabian welfare state?

How stupid can the members of congress be? Never mind. The question is rhetorical and the answer obvious.

After spending their entire careers studying the art of public manipulation and perception management, also known as "lying" and "campaigning," collectively congress has no scruples left. No common sense. No understanding of cause and effect. No respect for anyone or anything other than the all mighty… well, not so mighty anymore… dollar. Learning from history? Why bother? We make up our own reality and write our own versions of history as we go.

When it gets right down to it, few members of congress, especially the senate, would dare risk killing their shot at POTUS. That’s the big pie in the sky for them all. Now that the Executive Branch has been rendered a virtual dictatorship our "elected officials" must be drooling uncontrollably at the chunk of unitary executive meat hanging before their chompers. Who wants to be the next Caesar… or Augustus… or Tiberius… or Caligula, Claudius, Nero? We can expect a long sequence of mad Emperors lusting for more blood.

I give up. There is no point in deluding myself anymore. Congress wants war with Iran as badly as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Norman Podhoretz, Rudy Giuliani, Hillary, Barack Obama, AIPAC or… the list goes on and on. All options may be on the table but our "esteemed" members of congress are quickly painting themselves into the corner furthest from that table leaving one option: War with Iran. Remember, congress answers to the call of the puppet masters holding the campaign contributions, powerful lobbies and big business… not We The People.

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