Like What You’re Reading?

by Walter Block by Walter Block


These magnificent LRC columns are brought to you free of charge, week in, week out, 52 weeks per year, year in and year out (since November 1, 1999), six days a week. Yes, free of charge, as you full well know, if you are reading this. All of them are very good, otherwise they would not be included in LRC in the first place. Some of them are very, very good indeed. Please see in this regard the "Top Ten" of the week listed in the lower left hand column of the front page; the Top Ten of the month, and of the year, are even more outstanding. Some of these are so excellent they make you want to jump up and down with glee, clap your hands, and send copies to everyone you know. They make you proud not only that you are a libertarian, but that you are alive, and sentient, and can appreciate them. A modest suggestion: whenever you run across one of these, send a donation to LRC to keep the entire enterprise going. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.