Justice or Just Us?


What is it with these local and state law enforcement officers? Has each been vaccinated with a Homeland Security drug/as a Homeland Security thug? Has anyone else noticed that the vaccine illegally confers power while insuring the development of "Attitude"? That the vaccine provides an immunity to logic while too often causing, as an acceptable side effect, its recipients to become deaf and dumb?

When did We the People ever vote to be ruled? Controlled? Herded? Has this nation come full circle, only to be ruled by another King George? But much has changed since 1776 and American guts and glory may already have been spent. America won its independence from King George (the one on the other side of the ocean) when local leaders joined the citizenry to form militias and fight for freedom. How can America possibly be taken, again, from King George (the one on this side of the ocean)? We are not to form local militias and our neighbors in uniform are all the king’s men who have been blinded until they no longer recognize a royal imposter; an unconstitutional acting one, at that.

I told my son that it is time for me to unpack and unfurl my Gadsden Flag; to warn all to not tread upon me and mine. My son suggested that I get a window decal copy that will cover the entire back window of my car; one that will allow me to see out the window, even as it serves notice to anyone who tries to see in. I said that such a moving display would more than likely make me a target for the local and state branches of the federal Gestapo. However, what good is a strongly held belief if it is held tightly to one’s chest in the privacy of one’s living room.

Who knows — one of the uniformed neighbors who pulls me over might even have his day brightened. Imagine some unwillingly-held-under-the-federal-thumb local person who is actually-a-good-fellow-underneath being forced, because of federal intrusion, to pull over anycar displaying anyitem found offensive by the king. The local fellow expects to question a potentially-dangerous-suspect, but instead finds himself face-to-face with — a gray-haired, black-listed, former public school teacher. “Eh, sonny. Did you finish your homework? Are you hanging out around good role models, or with a pack of delinquents? With the local police? Oh, %^#*^@@$! Does your family know what you are doing? Why, if I were your parents, I’d……”

All joking aside, I actually would suggest that we be careful of what we say when speaking to one of these federal semi-agents; or near one; or near anyone who has one as a best friend; or within hearing of anyone who would believe anyone who has a sub-agent as a best friend; or…well, just near or to any of them! Also, be sure not to swear. At least in this state, for we have a law against “swearing in front of women and children.” When I asked the police to note, as part of another complaint I was seeking to file, that the one I wish to accuse had used extremely foul language, right in front of a young female friend of ours, the sub-agent treated me with distain as he arrogantly explained, “That law IS on the books, but…If you had paid attention three years ago to the situation at I’d never heard of Lake, you would know that this isn’t a law that is always enforced!”

Ah, remiss I seem to be. But…Wait a Minute. There exists a law that can be used at will — say against teens and young adults, or against undesirables (like me?), — whether to frighten, threaten with arrest, or actually ticket and fine some individuals $150, while favored-persons need not obey? A police-approved double standard? The answer is “Yes” and for such treatment; such inconsistency; we pay taxes and vote our acquiescence in pretend elections. Remiss, we certainly all are. Yet…this is but one small example and indicative of the slippery slope upon which the shrinking-number of Americans who have not been stupefied, or scared senseless, by their educations and/or state propaganda — find themselves in today’s United States of America. Justice?? Nah, I don’t think so!

So, do we sit quietly, do as we are told, and watch the Ideal that was America continue to atrophy? Is there even time to do otherwise? Who is there to act? Just us? Who would be our leader? Who would be our voice? We have no Tom Paine. No Franklin; no Jefferson; no Adams; no common goal and certainly no longer any nation-unifying common language.

We have our deep feelings of grief over the loss of our freedoms; we have our deep feelings of resentment against a government that no longer fears the People. Our ingrained philosophy — “Least said; soonest mended” — has proved to work against us in this compromised America; in this day and age. Our good manners have only served to give the State more opportunities to tread upon us and destroy our rights; our lives. We have been too polite. We have remained silent. We have not complained, whined, or tattled — the same lessons that I taught my son, and now he, too, has become a victim of the system. We have been mannerly, just as our parents taught us to be, and that has been our undoing.

Now where did I pack that flag? Oh, yes. Grandmother’s buffet. Bottom drawer. Back left-hand corner. Yes, I am certainly overdue in bringing this out.

We all are overdue and unless we act quickly, “just us” will not be nearly enough to reclaim our God-given rights for justice.