World War III on the Brink


The Bush bluff has been called. The Iranian government has announced what may very well give the Bush/Cheney democratic dictatorship the excuse they need to launch World War III.

In an interview with the New York Times, Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Hassan Kazemi Qumi defiantly outlined Iran’s intentions to overtly expand her influence in Iraqi affairs. Bush has accused Iran of covert meddling including support of violent Shiite militias. So why not bring it out in the open? The ambitious Iranian plan includes vague declarations for "security" assistance to Iraqi forces, reconstruction aide and the establishment of an Iranian National Bank in Baghdad.

How dare they! The White House is not going to like this one iota!

Following the U.S. arrest of six Iranian diplomats suspected of being security officials within Iraq, Iran has indeed made a bold chess move. Ambassador Qumi went so far as to admit two of the Iranian diplomats arrested were in fact Iranian security officials. However, he insists they were operating legitimately within Iraq. So what is Bush going to do about it?

Iran is thumbing its nose at the Bush Administration as if to say: "You can’t solve the problem in Iraq. But Iran can." With the White House record of incompetence in Iraq, it seems logical Iran’s cultural similarities and language ties to Iraq give Iran a decisive edge.

Amid escalating violence with militias, certain to increase with Bush’s "surge" of occupying troops, Iran has decided to move in on Bush’s non-existent turf. Are not these militias largely Shiites, bent on expulsion of Sunnis and above all the despised U.S. Occupiers? So, how is it the Bush Administration can expect co-operation from Iranian assistance? They can’t. A Shiite-dominated, Iran friendly Iraq is the goal of Iran. It has been since the March 2003 U.S. invasion. Expulsion of the U.S. Military and withdrawal is paramount to Iran’s long-term intentions. The U.S. installed "democratic" puppet government will be disbanded and the installation of a Mid-Eastern style government sympathetic to Iran and Shia shall be installed. Iranian success is almost assured, and with it a final, closing, chapter of the 1980-88 Iraq/Iran war.

George W. Bush’s retort is a predictable tough-talking moronic response.

On National Public Radio Bush stated: “If Iran escalates its military action in Iraq to the detriment of our troops and, or, innocent Iraqi people, we will respond firmly.” The Bush administration seems hell-bent for leather in teaching Iran respect for U.S. military power. According to under-secretary of state for political affairs, Nicholas Burns: "Iran certainly needs to respect American power in the Middle East."

Oh Yeah? Iranian intellectuals and political leaders must be laughing their heads off. So, the U.S. is going to kick ass on another smaller, Islamic Nation eh? Let them. Iran will simply play the role of another victim of U.S. aggression and rebuild. In the long run Iran will win and the U.S. will lose. It would be a hollow U.S. victory at best.

Obviously, Bush’s boasting and carrier strike groups do not frighten Iran anymore then the Boogey Man. Iran seems to be saying "go ahead. We dare you."

Referring to the 1980—1988 Iraq/Iran war Iranian ambassador Qumi offered assistance in reconstructing Iraq by stating: "We have experience of reconstruction after war." Not only is this a sarcastic slap at pathetic U.S attempts at the reconstruction of Iraq, Mr. Qumi even invited U.S. companies to work for Iran in his statement to: "Urge the American companies to come here." It is logical Iran does not fear reconstruction after a possible U.S. military strike. Iran is scoffing at the U.S. role as a "super-power."

What does the Bush/Cheney dictatorship do now? Their bombastic utterances have painted them into a corner. Were they capable of reasonable, intelligent and informed decisions, they would call Iran’s bluff and withdraw all U.S, troops. Turn the quagmire over to Iran. Let Iran fix Iraq if they actually think they can. Should Iran proceed to massacre Sunnis and Kurds, the U.S. would have a moral right to intervene. There would also be a reasonable chance at success, rather than no chance at success as there is now. Let Iraq break up into three religious sections. It probably should and eventually will anyway.

However, foresight and wisdom are not the hallmark of the Bush/Cheney war machine. Not only is admitting a mistake a sacrilege, even when it’s obvious, but also such an admission would mean a potential loss of U.S. oil revenue. God forbid! The whole mess was started to get the oil in the first place!

That leaves only one Bush/Cheney option on the table acceptable to the White House even though it is not acceptable to any sane person. Invade Iran. It’s time to slap these Muslim heathens around and teach them a lesson whatever it takes. No defiance of American power allowed! And hell, the Neocon war wagon has been looking for a good excuse for the destruction of Iran for months… maybe years. With two years remaining in an embarrassing and disgraced presidency, what have Bush and Cheney got to lose? Nothing.

That candy colored red button must be looking awfully tasty to The Shrub right now. Bombs Away! Civilization and humanity be damned!

Elizabeth Gyllensvard contributed to and edited this story.