Our American Future

Eureka! I’ve got it! I’ve had an epiphany! I’ve seen the future and you’re not going to like it. You war-mongering-chicken-hawk-so-called "conservative" Republicans and you peace-loving-Liberal-Commie Democrats will agree on this one thing: the future I see looks grim. All of you from the myriad sides of the Rubik’s Cube are going to hate my little prediction. I hate it! Are you ready? It’s a doosey.

Sometime in the near future, the United States of America will be "liberated!" That’s right, liberated, just like Iraq. We’ll all be set free of an evil dictator through the "aid" of some other country’s peace-keeping military forces. Of course, that invading country will have our best interests in mind. We will meet the invaders with flowers. It will be a "cakewalk." I look forward to the day when we can all enjoy a military occupation, a bloody civil war, poverty, starvation, the deaths of our family members and the total destruction of our way of life. Just like Fallujah, almost any U.S. city could be improved by the use of aerial bombardment.

Crazy? I sincerely hope so. However, if the U.S. continues on its present course, it can count on being liberated by the overwhelming military might of some other country. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

So where do I get this cockamamie idea? I didn’t read Nostradamus or hear the word from a burning bush. Nope, it’s based on Chartier’s Theory of the Revenge Effect of History.

Let’s just consider what is going on and how we look to the rest of the world. When the Special Relationship between Britain and the U.S. goes sour, imagine what, say, the Swedes and the Chinese think of us?

Our president is an incompetent, illiterate, silver-spoon-spoiled-brat of a boy who has failed at every business venture in which he’s been involved. Leading them all to ruin, this sixty-year-old adolescent has used his Daddy’s influence to bail him out of trouble time and time again. Hope his Daddy or a well-oiled Saudi friend can write a check for something like 300 billion dollars.

Bush is a mere hand puppet for the Project for the New American Century, a think tank of warmongers who are bent on creating a world fit for Halliburton through the use of U.S. military might.

Both elections that placed Bush in office have been controversial and appear to be rigged.

Under false pretexts to remove an evil dictator and his weapons of mass destruction that never existed, he has invaded a country that was no real threat to the United States. Now he is bringing democracy to the Iraqis, something for which they did not ask. Let’s not forget the failed invasion of Afghanistan, a country with a record of bankrupting superpowers that goes back to Alexander the Great.

Bush’s puppet government in Iraq lacks support of local groups. There is no real government in Iraq. Outside of the oddly named "green zone," there’s a brutal civil war with U.S. troops caught in the middle. Billions of U.S. dollars are burning on the pyre of Iraq’s internal discord.

The latest estimates of civilian loss of life are at least 100,000.

U.S. coalition casualties number 2766 as of this writing.

Meanwhile neighboring Iran has seen U.S. incompetence laid bare and is thumbing its nose at the U.S. by working on nuclear technology. The dysfunctional-U.S.-in-denial is now seen as the greatest threat to world peace. Whether Iran’s aims are peaceful or not, U.S. missile rattling at Tehran is only making matters worse. However, what the world fears is not an Iran with nuclear weapons but what the U.S. will do to force Iran to follow Bush’s orders.

At home, Americans have the dreaded Patriot Act aborting their civil liberties, the NSA spying program where our emails and phone calls are monitored, and the Feds digging through our bank records. Bush has broken 750 laws and made creative use of "signing statements."

Our "Decider" has decided he is above every single law he has signed and that he can do what he wants. He has defied his sworn oath to uphold the laws of the land. His Attorney General views the Geneva Conventions as "quaint" while Bush simply ignores international law. Indeed, Bush may be a war criminal according to some interpretations of the recent Supreme Court decision, Hamdan v Rumsfeld.

Our own Congress is unwilling and the Supreme Court may be unable to put a stop to the abuse of power. The United States Constitution, a document sacred to all Americans, is meaningless to George W. Bush who has "decided" it does not apply to him.

The Decider has decided he answers to a Higher Authority, God. He has made numerous comments to this, which are both ludicrous and frightening.

Throughout history, leaders who have snatched this much power, invaded other countries for their own gain, or openly brought religion into their decision-making process, have wrought ruin upon their own people.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In November we have the opportunity to oust a great number of those spineless senators and congressmen who enable Bush. We can join the good citizens of Berkeley, Ca. and insist on good old-fashioned impeachment.

George W. Bush is the worst president in American history and a threat to world peace. He and his gang have got to go.

Or we can just sit on our thumbs quietly and wait for the Visigoths to come over the hill and liberate us from an evil dictator.

Edited by Elizabeth Gyllensvard.